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    the omg crazy no rules post club

    ok post what u wnat double poste i dont care this is the crazy no rules post club and all are joined by a post
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    diction burners v2

    well, first closed, so ive put up v2, lets rahk Xd
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    diction burners

    this is it, the start of the official diction burners, if u wana know wat this is, talk, if not, leave, but we are gonna change the world :thumbsup:
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    keyblades and other swords for sell at this site

    this is a tread thats about a site that sells the kingdom key blade its called True Swords - Kill Bill, Last Samurai, Movie Sword, Japanese Katana, Ninja, Medieval, Final Fantasy Swords
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    what happens to xemnas?

    k, ive an idea as to what happens to xemnas after you defeat him in kh2. it goes like this. it was said in an interview with (not sure of his name) that after the heartless and nobody of a person were deafeted thet that person would be brought back, so if thats true, than when sora destroys...
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    need a little help

    k, how do u beat the phill maniac training and get 1000 orbs?
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    anybodie got game shark cheats?

    k, im lookin for game shark cheatsthat include, diff skins, well thats honestly about it, but if u got any, post them, and tell what they do
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    this is just like the time i heard from you

    Sup, dont have mich to write in here yet, need peps to write 2, so lets write
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    longest sitting on a single kh/kh2 playing(this is for braggin rights, so no lies k?)

    well whats the longest time any 1 has played kh/kh2 with out turning of there system AND with out stoping for other than food and bathroom breaks. my best time wasabout 32 or 33 hours straight, only went to the bathroom twice and diidnt eat cept for dinner wich was 5 mins, so whos got me beat. i...
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    this is a thread for anime freaks to talk and remenisce and moan and bitch and what not about anime i will respond to ur posts ass soon as possible with my own remarks cioa