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  1. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    XIII Seekers: Their Roles in each world

    With Kingdom Hearts III, the finale of the Dark Seeker/Xehanort Saga coming in only a few more months, we already know most of the Dark Seekers: Master Xehanort Young Master Xehanort Xigbar Ansem, Seeker of Darkness Xemnas Vanitas Saix Marluxia Larxene Luxord Aqua Terra Of course we don’t...
  2. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Something that cross my mind (minor FF7 spoilers)

    In the KH Universe, Sephroth is like the Darkness in Cloud's heart, probably due to past events unexplored in the series. So is Sephroth even real to us? This is probably a reference to how he was in FF7 lore, so is Cloud not himself because of him and a past involving other FF7 Characters or...
  3. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Another X-Blade and Keyblade War will come (spoilers to Dream Drop Distance and Birth by Sleep)

    We know that in Kingdom Hearts III, the final showdown of the 7 Guardains of Light and the 13 Seekers of Darkness and thier clash will forge the True complete X-Blade, another Keyblade War will come, and Kingdom Hearts will be revealed. Xehanort has set his plans into moment, onl the setback of...
  4. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Question about Kingdom Hearts 3's production and world selections

    Ojkay, I have a question and I really need to know with acturate sources? How long has Kingdom Hearts III really beeen in productin and development? It can't be since Kingdom Hearts II right and maybe after Dream Drop Distance since it does lead into Kingdom Hearts, III it's not been as long...
  5. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Do you think Xehanort will die or reformed in the finale of of III

    Now I know there are a lot naysayers that says 'There's no death in Kh' 'He's popular so they won't kill him off like Axel' or stuff like that, but after everything including what he has done and will done in the 11-12 years he's made a impact, will he die or reform? If he reforms, will you...
  6. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    A stupid question but I just have to ask

    Thanks to a commentary group, I want to know, did all three characters (Terra, Aqua, and Ventus) inpact the world's storylines, but then again it was more bashing on TAV. Just want to know and I might close this afterwards.
  7. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    IS Terra Xemnas or Xehanort in control the whole time?

    Normally making threads is not something I do all the time, but I want to know. After going through KH2, Days, BBS, and now the Japanese version of Dream Drop Distance, do you honestly believe Xemnas is Terra? Before you say about the obivous agruements about He has Aqua's armor and...
  8. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: Another Story (Spoilers for KH2/Another Story)

    Summary: Post Another Story KH2. Kairi, Sora, and Riku must take the Mark of Mastery Exem to prepare for Xehanort, But what surprises are await for our heroes in the Realm of Sleep? Huge spoilers to both Canon! KH2 and Another story. Please review and Request. Michael: I bet you're wondering...
  9. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    The New SoRiKai FC- "The Paopu Oath Bond between them"

    Welcome all to the Brand New SoRiKai Fan Club The 2nd in plot wise Trio of the Kingdom Hearts Series, Sora, Riku, and Kairi. The Traditional two boys and one girl and three of many main characters in the series. Whether you like them as a trio or a couple, come and join No Bashing...
  10. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    What's the difference between a Weeaboo and a Otaku?

    Are both good or bad? Does Weeaboos only like the Japanese version of things. Are some Otakus good people? I really like to know.
  11. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Weird monents Playing Video Games

    Has anyone ever did something in a game that you never knew how you did it? Well when I was little during the N64 days, I had Diddy Kong Racing. One day off from school, I hit the game by mistake and somehow unlocked four-five new stages I never seen before (I think they were stages you unlock...
  12. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    The New Sora Fan Club (The Key that Connects us all)

    Welcome one and all to the new Sora Fanclub One of the main Characters of the KH Series, born from two different Companies (Disney and Square Enix). We Join here with the boy who connects his heart with those he meets. Reasons 1. Sora always try to smile no matter how hard it gets...
  13. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon: When PokeWorlds Collide (A Pokemon Anime/Manga X-over)

    (This was posted on FF.net, so I'm showing the same version from my FF page. Ignore the Character's Corner, that's one of my styles of writing Fanfiction. Also no bashing the Anime in any way, or I will ask a Mod to delete your post. Michael: Hello Pokémon fans! Do I have a special treat for...
  14. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Fanfiction ► Final Fight reversed (BBS spoilers) Request by chasespicer056

    Hello KHinsider members and welcome to a story that I've been workuing on between my other projects. This is a rewrite on Terra and Aqua's final boss, but Aqua is taken over by Xehanort instead of Terra (well the first half at least). This will involve Terqua and Venqua, so if you like either...
  15. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts 2: Another Story (spoilers to BBS, Re:Com, Days, and KH2)

    Hello KHInsider members and if you are reading this, then you are not crazy. This is a KH2 AU which is based on a old question: What if Sora became Marluxia's pawn? Now you're wondering, who conintue the plot of KH2? And that's where the new protagenists comes in: Kairi, Namine, Xion, and Roxas...
  16. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    The Kairi/Aqua Friendship FC <*Where the Rainstorm needs it's Destiny's Embrace>*

    Welcome Kairi Fans and Aqua Fans To The Kairi/Aqua Friendship Fan Club Picture from Deviant Art Join this wonderful friendship between Our BBS heroine and the 7th Princess of Heart. This is a bond not even Xehanort can break. Please no Kairi bashing or Aqua bashomg allowed What...
  17. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    The X-Blade, Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D... Connected?

    So I'm playing BBS and when I saw the X-blade it got my thinking. There are two keyblades able to close the door in KH1, The Kingdom key and the Kingdom key D. The X-blade has the power to open KH and open the door to all worlds. The X-Blade has two Kingdom key crossed together and was created...
  18. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    My essay on the KH trios

    Hello KH Insider, My names oathkeeperriku09. You may not know me very well, but any FC members would know my name. Now you have read Grass essays and theories, but this will be rare for you to see an average member like me do an essay. Now be forewarning: I don’t fancy character bashing or...
  19. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    Exp Walker

    I'm playing BBS and want to be at a higher level to beat Vanitas, Terranort,Ventus-Vanitas, so what commands do I meld to get it?
  20. OathkeeperRoxas XIII

    *<The Ventus/Namine, Ventus/Kairi FC>* "When the Winds meets the waves and Sea"

    Welcome all to the Ventus/Namine and Ventus/Kairi Fan Club A part of me wanted to do this club, so now I have a chance. I'm not hoping this will be popular as Aqua/Sora, but I like these three and it's a nice crack pair (Which is some what possible without giving anything away) One thing, I...