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  1. Lost_theMad

    Vanitas, already there?

    This is just a small bit of speculation I had, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere before and it kind of surprises me. At the moment, we're all kind of questioning whether or not Vanitas will be in the next game or a SoD, and on how he will return. My thoughts here mainly revolve round the...
  2. Lost_theMad

    General KH Question About Darkness

    I hope I put this in the appropriate area, but anyway, I was thinking and I have a really general question that for whatever reason I can't find or remember the answer. How exactly does one return a world from being in/consumed by darkness?
  3. Lost_theMad

    Maleficent in KH3?

    This kind of goes beyond just Maleficent, but I was re-watching some DDD cutscenes when Minnie was kidnapped. Did they ever tell us what happened to her? I can't remember. In the case of Maleficent though, do you think they just added that in DDD just because, or do you think they'll place her...
  4. Lost_theMad

    The Future of Somebodies 9-12

    I feel like I'm going to receive a lot of schlack for this, but its only my own thoughts on the subject. Many people, what seems to be the majority in fact, have already stated that they could care less about Ansem's apprentices or the somebodies of numbers 9-12 that we have yet to see or even...
  5. Lost_theMad

    Party Members in KH3

    Party Members. We all know KH3 is going to have a ton of characters in it because so much needs to be wrapped up, so we'll just have to wait and see how they handle that. I feel like Square may do something similar to BBS and split Riku, Kairi, and Sora up into three separate playable...
  6. Lost_theMad

    Newbie! And glad to be here~

    Well, seeing as this is the appropriate area for new members, I thought I might as well make my first post here. I have never actually been in a forum before, but I have been following KH Insider and it's forums for quite a while--almost half a year I believe. Anyway, through much internal...