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  1. Raz

    KH for the PS Vita?

    An editorial by Wehrmacht At the Sony Press Conference a few days ago, Sony's new handheld (known until then as the NGP, Next Generation Portable), the PS Vita, was formally introduced to the world, with hardware specifications and a price tag. In addition to that, a press email has been sent...
  2. Raz

    Re:coded Release Contest! (1000 NDSi Points Up for Grabs!)

    Re:coded Release Contest! (1000 NDSi Points Up for Grabs!) CLOSED. That's right! Thanks to jeels we are giving away 1000 DSi Points to celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. Though the game has been on shelves in America and Europe for a few days, the staff here at Kingdom...
  3. Raz

    Welcome the New Site Staff!

    Congratulations to those chosen to fill the open positions on Site Staff! Thanks to all that applied, it's been a real treat going over your applications. The current roster-- Managers Raz Soluus Content Writers destinykh Orion Marly Light Hunter Graphics Team Cloud Apple...
  4. Raz

    Hiring Site Staff! [No Longer Accepting Applications]

    Hello, KHInsider! It’s that time again—time to hire new Site Staff. Do you have an interest in writing about the Kingdom Hearts series and a keen eye for news? Or perhaps you wish to have your graphic designs be a part of the largest Kingdom Hearts fan site on the web? This might just be the...
  5. Raz

    Section Rules, Guides, Help and More [READ]

    Hey guys! With Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep released, I felt it would be important to give everyone a little refresher about how things work in the Spoilers Section. 1.) SPOILERS A spoiler is any bit of information, big or small, about a recently released game. Some people don't really care...
  6. Raz

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    -KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP COUNTDOWN- Ever since the announcement of Kingdom Hearts coded, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep back in September of 2007, the Site Staff here at KHInsider has remained steadfast in its goal to bring the fans (you guys) the up-to-date...
  7. Raz

    The Making of Birth by Sleep - Art Direction

    The next entry in 1UP.com's blog concerning the making of Birth by Sleep. This time we hear from Art Director Takeshi Fujimoto. Enjoy-- KH Destiny, 1UP
  8. Raz

    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded E3 Trailer!

    We have some very exciting news for you all. Forum staff member Ulti was lucky enough to attend E3 this year, and even managed to obtain exclusive footage of the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded trailer! Watch it below: <object width="325" height="244"><param name="movie"...
  9. Raz

    Square Enix in Kingdom Hearts - FF & TWEWY go here

    Discuss all Final Fantasy and Square Enix related aspects (in regards to KH) in here.
  10. Raz

    Interview with the Voice of Larxene

    Hello everyone! We are proud to present our third collaborative interview with KH Union, this time featuring the talented voice actress Shanelle Gray, who played Larxene in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. Shanelle not only talks about what it was like to voice the Savage Nymph, but also...
  11. Raz

    Shanelle Gray Interview (KHInsider + KH Union Collab.)

    Hello everyone! We have some very exciting news for you all today. KH Union has decided to team up with us for the third time to present yet another collaborative voice actor interview -- this time with Shanelle Gray, the venomous voice of Larxene. It's up to you guys to think up some...
  12. Raz

    Spoiler Section Rules [READ]

    Hey guys! With Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep gearing up for a Japanese release in just a few short weeks, I felt it would be important to give everyone a little refresher about how things work in the Spoilers Section. A spoiler is any bit of information, big or small, about a recently released...
  13. Raz

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Hey, everyone. With the recent outpour of VA confirmations, I figured it was time to make the confirmed VA thread that we always do before a game comes out. Main Cast: Character | Voice Actor Terra | Jason Dohring Aqua | Willa Holland Ventus | Jesse McCartney Master Xehanort | Leonard...
  14. Raz

    Welcome the New Site Staff!

    Hello everybody! The applications have been looked over and the open Site Staff positions are now filled. Please welcome the new Content Writers-- Du Soleil. destinykh Hikari And the new Graphic Artists-- Salty KR∆NK A big thank you to everyone who applied. Congratulations to the new crew. :D
  15. Raz

    Special Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Countdown!

    Hey, everybody! :D We have a very special treat for you all. During the next two weeks we'll be posting small editorials on each member of Organization XIII. It will serve as a sort of countdown until the release date of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. First up is one the the main characters in...
  16. Raz

    Symphonic Fantasies (SE Music Concert) to be LIVE STREAMED!

    Hello, everyone. We have some very exciting news. Symphonic Fantasies, a concert of music from Square Enix, will be streaming live tomorrow from Cologne, Germany! It will feature music from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and (of course) Kingdom Hearts. The songs from Kingdom...
  17. Raz

    Ultimania Scans and Vol. 5 Manga News!

    Howdy everyone! According to the Light in Chaos Blog, the Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 5 manga has been set to release in Japan on August 22nd. There is still no news on the status of Vol. 3 abroad. In other news, the lovely folks over at Heartstation have scanned 77 out of 495 pages of the...
  18. Raz

    Vexen, Zexion, and Marluxia revealed!

    Are now on the JP Days Website! :D KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days EDIT: And Marluxia... I missed him.
  19. Raz

    So, my internet...

    Every site that I try and search for, Google claims that it "may harm my computer". Every single one. Is there anyway to get Google to disable that feature? Or is something wrong with my computer? It wouldn't let me get on here, Myspace, IGN, etc.., so it wasn't like I was trying to get on...
  20. Raz

    The Age-Old Question...

    Are you a Subway, Jimmy Johns, or Quiznos kind of person? For me, it's Subway all the way. (Since the food section was canned, I had no idea where to put this. Feel free to move.) YouTube - Quiznos Sponge Monkey Commercial #3 - Coupons YouTube - Quiznos Sponge Monkey Commercial #2 - Toasty