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  1. Yessir_23

    Unlocking all Birth by Sleep has to offer?

    As it's hard to get a definitive answer online, could someone help me fill in the pieces about the 'endings' of Birth by Sleep and how to unlock them in 2.5? I'm playing in standard mode but the parameters for all modes would be useful. So far, to my understanding, we have: Final Episode ending...
  2. Yessir_23

    1080p Confirmed Yet?

    Does anyone know if 2.5 runs at full 1080p? I don't know why it wouldn't, but just wanted confirmation. It was great in 1.5 and with a colourful vibrant game like Kingdom Hearts it makes a big difference over 720p.
  3. Yessir_23

    Did you buy a handheld for a Kingdom Hearts game?

    It's no secret that keeping up with the series has been expensive in the past. Whether it be a PSP, DS, 3DS, or even GBA, has a KH game ever warranted a purchase? Personally, I bought a PSP Go with the intention of playing Birth by Sleep :tongue:
  4. Yessir_23

    Anyone else notice the graphics look better at this part?

    The HD collection runs at 30fps for the most part, but I noticed a change during the 100 Acre Wood world in re:Chains of Memories. In the Veggie Panic mini-game, the game looks a LOT smoother than usual(60fps). I recommend judging it yourself- I really think the whole game could have benefited...
  5. Yessir_23

    Birth by Sleep comparison screens!

    From Just Push Start, keep in mind that the comparison screens for 1.5 were sometimes... exaggerated. Check out the book spine :D
  6. Yessir_23

    Completing Jiminy's Journal

    Can someone tell me how to do this, i.e how to unlock the secret ending on Proud mode? Surely you don't have to beat Sephiroth etc. because wouldn't that mean the unlock conditions are just as hard as they are in standard mode?
  7. Yessir_23

    A closer look at the HD Remix's widescreen *NEW PICS ADDED*

    For anyone who's interested :tongue: Added 3 new comparisons! It's worth noting that these were taken from Youtube, and the quality depends on the video capture method of each user. Especially with the Atlantica one, the screenshot quality does not represent the clarity of each version...
  8. Yessir_23

    Kingdom Hearts Week

    A website called Gamezone is doing a Kingdom Hearts week for the release of 1.5. It's worth checking out, they already have a few decent articles :cool: http://www.gamezone.com/news/2013/09/09/it-s-kingdom-hearts-week-at-gamezone
  9. Yessir_23

    Art book- worth it for 6 dollars extra?

    I'm debating whether I should cancel my limited edition pre-order- at £25.85- and order the standard edition instead at £21.85. What do you guys think? I don't have that much to spend and I'm wondering whether the 24 page art book warrants the extra price.
  10. Yessir_23

    So... will anyone else be playing Kingdom Hearts 1 for the first time?

    I know I'm in the minority, but I've actually never played it before. I started the series with KH2, and was drawn in by the Disney side with PotC etc. I ended up really enjoying it for a lot more, even though the plot was extremely hard to follow at times. After that I played COM and Days but...
  11. Yessir_23

    The Death of... *Spoilers for KH2!*

    T67JP4Lhevo Ok, I'm guessing a lot of people have already seen this before, but I'm putting this up because, well, it's awesome! The creator did great work editing the clips with the music. It's actually very sad :frown: Here's to Goofy, possibly the best and wisest character in Kingdom Hearts.
  12. Yessir_23

    Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance in the next HD collection?

    This has been briefly discussed in another topic, but I feel it deserves more speculation here. We can quite confidently speculate that KH 2.5 HD Remix with include the final mixes of KH2 and Birth by Sleep, and maybe a re:Coded movie a la Days in 1.5. What's less clear is what form, if any...
  13. Yessir_23

    Dark skin= evil??

    Has anyone else noticed this? Obviously, Xehanort's heartless, is brown, as well as Xemnas (in comparison to the rest of Org XIII), which isn't really a big deal except that Terra is in no way dark-skinned until he turns evil! When I saw MX in the KH2 final mix ending I liked how they were...
  14. Yessir_23

    New Screenshots- Enchanted Dominion

    I haven't seen them before, I don't know about anyone else: News: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep screenshots - ComputerAndVideoGames.com Looks like Snow White's D-Link consists of a barrage of dwarfs :D
  15. Yessir_23

    Hope for BBS on the PSPGo?

    Hi everyone. I was looking through the comments on the EU playstation blog for any replies from Sony about a digital release for Go owners like me, and this was one of them: Posted on 17 May, 2010 at 4:31 pm by Antonio Marfuggi For the time being, nothing is confirmed one way or...