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    Zack's story

    Who knows? Even in the FF7 universe, it's not particularly clear where he stands atm. And even then, his KH existance should be based solely on whether or not Zack reappears.
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    Zack's story

    Cloud's wing didn't really look like it had feathers. More demonic than that of the One-Winged Angel.
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    Reconnect being the final one?

    If it's on the PS3, it had better be long, challenging, visually amazing, and have so much story that I'll have to play it three times just to understand it all. Otherwise I won't want to go to the trouble of getting a PS3 if I don't already have one.
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    Master Xehanort's Reports Roughly Translated (Spoilers A-Plenty)

    Please let there be no more Xehanorts. This one has all of his memories back to childhood, there shouldn't be anyothers. Another Xehanort would be about as fun as trying to figure out a good new name if AtW had a nobody.
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    Reconnect being the final one?

    Maybe reconnect is actually going to be whatever Sora does next and then KH3 will involve more than just Sora's adventure. Of course that could just be wishful thinking on my part, he is the main character after all.
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    BBS Difficulty Level?

    I'm gonna do Proud to get the secret ending, then I'll go find anything that's too out of the way at first.
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    I don't understand how anyone could look at MX and not think he is the main villian. Just because he's making more appearances than Ansem SoD and Xemnas did in KH1 and KH2, doesn't mean he isn't still just as bad. He's starting to remind me of Palpatine from Star Wars. As for who turns into...
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    playing order

    My thoughts exactly, Ventus is still in the Sora/Roxas category thus making him likely the most important. Best for last and all that.
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    Just some theories.

    Like the video at the end of KH1, the KH2 secret vid was concept.
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    Yensid neutruality

    I wanna know why Donald and Goofy don't recognize his tower in KH2. Unless he alters their memory, which is not a nice thing to do.
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    Unbirth quick thought

    I'm almost 100% sure the game will explain something, lol.
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    Unbirth quick thought

    I'm confused, are you saying I'm wrong, or Pinwheel's theory is wrong?
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    favourite cut scene in KH2

    As over-stated, cliche, stupid, and stereotypical of a FFVII fan as it is, the Cloud vs. Sephiroth scene, just because Cloud is awesome. I also like the Sora vs. Roxas scene. I think there should be more scene fights because they look cooler than the actuall fights( I think this is what they...
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    Unbirth quick thought

    Or something will be explained in the game that will say why things happen. Like how Org. XIII stayed out of KH1, but were still there.
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    Who is Xion?

    But if everyone did that, we wouldn't get to have so much fun telling people they're wrong or they suck at life for not knowing what a guy in Japan has planned for all of us.
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    Unbirth quick thought

    Maybe there's another ingredient to people that hasn't been explained to us yet, like how before Final Mix we had the Heart and...the rest.
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    Who is Xion?

    Well, nothing really happened. Riku told Kairi to run, so she did. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't it take Kairi calling Sora back to his human form to create Namine and Roxas?
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    Who is Xion?

    Believe it or not that was the first thing to jump to my mind as well, but it would appear to be quite an insuficient amout of time, or too insignificant of an event.
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    Who is Xion?

    Out of curiosity, when do you propose this happened?
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    Who is Xion?

    I'm remided of the speculation about a certain blonde-haired-kid being Sora's brother.