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    KH1 or KH:COM you decide

    hey everyone not sure if this is in the right place and i also dont know if a thread like this has already been made but i wanna know which of these games (KH1 or KH:COM) do you think is better and way
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    just wonderin

    who do you think that deep jungle with tarzan wasent in kh com cause iv just started playin and im up to holloween town and i havent seen it anyone know why they havent addedit to kh com
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    help me

    any one wann give me soome gil i wouldnt object in anyway
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    hey everyone

    if you had a choose in the making of kh2 what celebrities voices would you use for charicture and why just wondering
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    anyone now

    how long should it take for my account to be fix i have told zack on the other thread that i am bugged i reported it yesturday wed 7th how long should it take for my account to go back to the way it was
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    i need help again

    soz about this but i did as the last person sid iv now got some money gone to by weapons but my strenght and defence are like -5 and the requirment are 0 what can i do any help would be very appreceated
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    hello to everyone

    i just wanted to say hello to everyone hello everyone
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    i can't wait

    3 more days and i should have com so can anyone tell me of any good card combos so i am ready for the game when i get it
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    can anyone help

    can anyone help me im trying to beat the ice titan but keep losing can anyone give me some advice on doing this
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    i need help

    i need help on the rpg system i got a job but i cant find anything that will help me cant aford a weopon so i lose al my fights so i spend the bit of money i get to healing my self so any tips would be aprecated thanks
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    i need help

    i cant worjk out how to do anything on the rpg system thin i did get a job but can never get enought money for a good weapon so i lose my battles and so then i have to spend all my money gettin heald so realy need help any help would be greatly apreceated
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    i need help

    i need help i wasnt sur where to put this so i put it here on the rpg thing i need somone help i have no idea how to do anything how to get wepons i got a job but i aint got enought moeny to get a good weapon so i keep losin then havin to spend the money i got on bein heald so can anyone help...
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    got a guestion for you all

    if you could have any one peices of music in kh2 either as the battle theme or just as a setermatle moment what would it be anything other then song that where on the original kh i would probly chooses LINKIN PARK ONE STEP CLOSER
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    can anyone help

    can anyone help me i have completed kh many times but never manage to colect all 101 dalmations so i havent seen the secret ending so if anyone can help it would be very apresated
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    can anyone help

    hi i have completed kh 1 manytime but i have never been able to find all the 101 dalmations so i have never managed to get the secret ending videos so does anyone know eher i can download it any help would be greatly apprecated