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    Your Order has been dispatched!?

    The big game stores in the netherlands are selling the game, and they just changed the release date to last saturday
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    Your Order has been dispatched!?

    Hi everyone, So.. I woke up and checked my email. And this is what I found Translated it says something like: Your order has been dispatched. This is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. And Usually this means the order will be delivered the same day! So I guess that's a lucky me :D Unfortunately...
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    News ► Pre-Order KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Now!

    Just found out that it isn't a pre-order bonus in the Netherlands :( 10 euros extra for the limited edition, bummer! But will get it anyways.
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    KH 3D NA + EU Releases IN 2012 Confirmed!

    Why does it say title: available now? XD Nice though that it's now even more official
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    Confusion about Ven?

    yeah he probably will be awoken in kh3
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    Plotholes Thread

    It would be meddling if anyone saw it, so they hid it somewhere I guess, but storywise it's not really important. Let´s just say it was waiting outside the world.
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    Confusion about Ven?

    Well it has been known for a while that the MoM is only a small part of the game and the rest is about exploring the hidden data inside sora
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    Confusion about Ven?

    We don't know, maybe it won't get restored by itself because it\s damaged too heavily. Guess we'll find out in 3d how it works
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    Plotholes Thread

    Technically he could, but why should he, besides you did see xehanort use a lot of time, so yeah I think he could. Now all sora has to do is find this world:P
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    Plotholes Thread

    As long as your heart is strong enough
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    Confusion about Ven?

    When Vanitas was created, Ven was stripped from his darkness, which was a relatively minor injury, so after a while Sora 'repaired' his heart (which still took a lot of time considering how he wasn't able to talk at first) but then when he defeated Vanitas and the X-blad, his whole heart was...
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    Plotholes Thread

    Well it's sort of a plothole, since nomura didn't plan on making more KH games, after he made part 1. But still you could say nobodies indeed are without heart, but they aren't even supposed to exist, so they are nothing.
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    Plotholes Thread

    Well as far as I know, the first time Mickey really got to speak to sora and co (which was in Radiant Garden/HB) he already said that who SORA thought was Ansem, wasn't really Ansem, just someone telling everybody he was. He just didn't know who he really was, but finds out in the scene you linked.
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    Something unexpected

    Ok, this is the worst: I was walking into a game store and there it was KH BBS, but i Pre-Ordered the SE and they said they only get that one tomorrow =(. The game kept saying BUY ME! BUY ME! I think I just went crazy of waiting:S
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    today's the day!!!!!!!

    because it's ad-hoc [25 chars]
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    Birth By Sleep GameInformer Review!

    Finally, a reviewer that promotes the data install and says that the loading times are smooth. Overall short review, but always nice to read something before We (PAL) get the game: it makes the waiting more endurable.
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    AD-HOC Regions

    Not the same region account, but the same ad-hoc party version
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    Which Character to chose?

    After all the tips I will play VTA to avoid the spoilers:D
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    IGN: No plans ofr BbS on PSN

    Maybe someone that wants to help the world by using too much light and therefor he is blinded to see what the consequences are
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    KH:BbS - Ad-hoc Party (Discussion and PSN IDs)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Ad-hoc Party PSN ID's Wired only.. 25252525252525