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    Tron confirmed

    the rumor is true Tron has been confirmed; Kind of a bummer for those who really didn't want it. But for those of you who loved the idea..REJOICE. SDG look really awesome possum in their cyber outfits http://www.kh-2.net/news/data/upimages/tron01.jpg...
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    Enigmatic Man :P

    Just a thought. Has anyone ever thought that the Enigmatic Man could be the Enigmatic WOman? xD I mean..have we heard any evidence stating that it is a he? In the clips from Final Mix, there is no voice over, just dialogue. I'm just one of the people who think that The Organization needs more...
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    Gravity Arts o.O

    I'm almost completely finished up with Kingdom Hearts, I just need help on finding where the White Mushrooms that do the gravity sharade hang out. Anyone know where? -strifeD.