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    I am so mad.

    i remember when kh1 was coming out that was all that they would talk about on the 411
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    hmmmmm i thought twilight at first but i have to go with darknes :P
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    I really need help!!!

    dang this took me forever to beat too. have atleast 4 zero cards at the end of ur deck along with 4 healing cards. plus have 7 or higher attack cards and card soldier to make ur attack cards faster. i defeated him with 560 hp and a level sumwhere around 70 (im not really good but im not bad either)
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    CoM Accomplishments 2.00136

    should i try 50 billion times to defeat riku after destiny islands only with 3 zero cards or go to a different world and back to destiny islands where i can use different map cards that might help me get more zero cards and starting all over again? nm i got this sorted out
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    whos ur fav

    im going with axel