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    Dakota Fanning

    I have 1 question about her. How old is she?
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    Why doesnt someone...

    Okay, I dont know if anyone knows why, so thats why im asking. Why doesnt someone get more screenshots for the game if it already came out somewhere else? I dont get it. Is it against the law or something? Or would it ruin the whole thing because we would know what would happen? I dont know much...
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    Org Coats

    Ok, I know this might be a little useless but, I was wondering where you could get orginization coats. (what store, webstite, etc.) Again, sorry if this is useless.
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    ok, i know to some ppl he was easy, but hes really hard 4 me! (i need to know exactly what cards i should use to beat him) i have max hp, im on level 76, i dont have all the sleights, i have 1150 cp, and thats all(i know, its sad)
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    Steamboat Willie

    Does anyone have any info on Steamboat Willie?(screenshots or sumthin)
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    Attack Cards

    Sorry if someone has already posted this, but where do i get each attack card for each world?
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    how do u change ur location?
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    yay! i finally saved up $100.00! now i have more/less then i need for kh2! im thinking it will cost $49.99 + tax like all the other new games, but who knows? hey, im only 10! thats a lot of $ 4 me!(sorta)
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    Am i the...

    ...only 10 year old on this site? i mean, i cant find any other person that isnt a tennager!(no offence)
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    Final Mix

    What is kh final mix?
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    Becoming a Gummi Ship Builder

    How can u get from a heartless, to a, well, higher thing than that?
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    help with marluxia

    i need help with beating him.
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    hi i just registered a couple of days ago!

    Hi i'm redrum33! I just wanted to ask, where can i get/make sigs?
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    help with axel

    i cant beat him! ive been trying 4 days now now and i still cant beat him!!!! :confused: :confused: (its at the end of the game before battling marluxia)
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    ... how is the game gonna b? like, what are the new features going 2 b?