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    which one?

    for those who bought the LE guide, i was just wondering which cover you got, and are you happy with it? what were your reactions when you first got yoru guide and what was your reaction when you first saw your cover.. mine: me: *gets guide* ... *strokes it with happy* yah, i was crazy i was...
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    LE guide

    i was just wondering if there is any new info on the Limited edition guide. i know that it comes with an art book and some exclusive stuffs, and it's suposedly hard-bound, but anything else?
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    FMA the conqueror of shambala

    ok, so yah, i wanna see the movie D: really, really, really badly! i just watched the last episode and it kept me hungry for more!! please, help me on how i can see this movie!!
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    when driving....

    okay, so when driving it's all cool right? well what i'm wondering is, whenever you first get a drive form, like valor, what will your reaction be when you first drive in it? like for me i know i'm gonna be all "transform as soon as i get it" and be all OMG WTF THIS IS AWSOME YAY FOR DRIVING *__*
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    language of love

    ie, the language of KH2... yall are thinking "wtf are you talking about" i'm thinking the games gonna be in english in about two weeks, but what IM wondering is, will we be able to make it japanese voices with english subtitles... reason for my asking is, i don't know if i could bair roxas'...
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    so yah, i was wondering, KH1 had the whole colloseum thing which allowed you to level up and all that great hoo hah, but i haven't seen ANY footage of kh2 having a colloseum thing... imean i know it's a world with a story, but i haven't seen like, the tournament things... so i was just wondering...