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    Zexion battle?

    I'm referring to the door news about 1-13 Any ideas/thought/theories as to how this might turn out?
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    Has anyone noticed?

    I just thought of it this mourning when I woke up. Yensid=Disney Has anyone ever thought of this? If this is old sorry
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    A game describing what you did

    Game.... Pick the month you were born: January- I had sex with February- I slapped March- I murdered April- I looked at May- I masturbated with June- I slept with July- I laughed at August- I stabbed September- I shot October- I made love to November- I wrestled December- I...
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    Has anyone ever tried riku jumping just a bit not all the way up while he turns into his dark form? its weird he like frozen and then transforms
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    Namine Fanclub

    This is the Namine Fanclub and we have 14 members so far LUCKY NUMBER 14~! Me Alw300 Enion_San Prince_Diamond Lady Kairi YunaSummoner Mishin Sacred_Sora Riku's Twilight Chazz Rikubaka67 iken13 Love Believer x * Caucasain * InsaneHikari
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    Official Video Request Thread

    Ok with asking MonkeyButt he said I could do this. If anyone wishes to request a video please do it in here so we don't have too many "I want video topics"
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    Is it possible to get screen caps from

    Is it possible for those uploaders to get screen caps from the intro movie? For those who can't download it or watch it because of another reason doing with thier computer
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    Does anyone think that...

    Does anyone think that Riku will have his own story mode like KH:COM? I think I have a few details to support this Saix (Might) knows where he is Riku was never shown like in the KH:COM trans. (was he?) The silver haired guys might know something too
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    Larxene is back?

    In the picture where it shows the deep dive level you can see a single could and lighting is coming out of it into that one spot. Do you think she's back? http://www.kingdomhearts2.net/images/sh_dd.jpg
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    Stupid theory but logical

    BHK and Namine look like Sora and Kairi. Maybe they are there children? they have similiar resemblences and BHK does have the keyblade weilding trait. How did they come here now? Maybe CO has a time machine or something, explains the pods (maybe) please give thoughts
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    I need to ask a question about the new trailer

    Whenever I try to watch the trailer, the picture doesn't show up, all I hear is music, has this happen to anyone else?
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    Star Wars/ Matrix/ KH?

    Matrix= other heores failed to protect the matrix and the world reset a few times Kingdom Hearts= there were other keyblade masters, but they died or went to the darkness before saving the world ~~~~~ Star Wars= Anakin was the choosen one, but in the movie summary about episdoe 3 it says that...
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    Auron and Herc facing off?

    http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/kingdomhearts2/screens.html?page=67 its one of the new pics
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    Post about the person above you

    < IS a snowman v someone who posted after me