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    boogeypop fantom

    For all of you who have seen this show tell me what you liked about it and didnt alot of u think it was a very wierd anime one of those wierd ones like BigO, and Paranoia agent with a very confusing ending or mabye it was just me well anyway post your thoughts.
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    26 episodes

    Has anyone every noticed how in almost every anime there is about 26 episodes in every one does anyone know why or the reason for it post your thought.
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    fusions with disney people

    fusions with disney/square enix charicters. Has any heard about if there are fusions with the disney charicters/square enix like mulan and auron and if u have do you have a picture to show and prove it.
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    a good world idea

    Who thinks that empires new groove would be a good world to be in kh2.
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    Who here knows all the abilties in kh2 and what they all do.
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    finding nemo

    Do you think there is going to be another under water world like the little mermaid world, perhaps finding nemo.