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    What should I go see in a trip to Tokyo?

    I'm going to Tokyo, have any of you been there? What's good to see? I'm mainly on the look-out for anime/otaku-ness. Specifics would be nice and darn it I keep forgetting which district has the otaku stuff...
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    Has anyone here ever done archery lessons? I'm thinking of taking archery lessons and wondering if anyone's ever done it and could maybe tell me something about it. Like what's cool about it and what's not.
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    School Rumble

    Has anyone seen School Rumble? It's one of the funniest animes I've ever seen. It's about a girl named Tenma. She has a crush on a guy named Kurasuma(he is a total dork y looking guy which is kind of funny to me) and wants to confess her love, but reallly doesn't know what she's doing. It's...
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    Racy Fluff or Reading Aid?

    This article from http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/news/state/050314comics.shtml So what do you think? Should libraries get manga for people to read despite it might be a bit "profane," "racy," or "risque"? I think it's okay, assuming they aren't getting manga rated Older Teen or Mature for...
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    If You Conquered the World

    I feel random. If you could control the world, how would you take over and what would you do once you have? Note well this is some hypothetical creation of boredom, I hope none of you are serious enough to pull it off. Maybe I think too much, but if I could control the world... a) I would...
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    Defeating Riku Replica II in Reverse Rebirth

    How do you do kill Riku Replica II in Reverse Rebirth?! I've tried for like a week and he won't die! My stats(if this helps diagnose the problem) are: Level 42 DP 34 AP 19 HP 365