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    Im Srry

    I Know People Have Asked This So Much But Has Anybody Found Out Yet If Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Is Coming To America??? And If It Does Then I Would Be So happy! Please Dont Flame Me Thanx!
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    Where Did Namine Really Come From???

    I Wanted To Know Where Namine Really Came From Cuz Like She Just Comes Out Of Nowhere But The Thing Is Shes In Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories And I Dont Understand Where She Came From So Can Someone Tell Me???:)
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    What Do You Think???

    Do You Think That They Will Have More Disney Than Final Fantasy In KHIII Or More Final Fantasy More Than Disney What Do You Think I Think More Disney Cuz Its Awesome I Mean I Like Final Fantasy But I Think Disney Would have Been Better Just Because This Game Is Awesome Like That!:)
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    Kh Khcom Or Khii???

    Well Through Out All Of The Games What Was Your Favorite Level In Any Of The KH Games?????? Mine Personaly Would Have To be The Pride Lands Because Sora Kicks Ass As A Lion! But Ya Thats Just Me!
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    Riku,Sora,Kairi,King Mickey,Donald, Or Goofy

    Well My Favorite Charcter Out Of This Thread Is Sora Obviously But Ya I Like How Sora Alwayz Is On The Adventure When He Doesnt Even Want To Go Either But Ya Its Awesome Jelly Man!
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    Do U Think..........?

    That They Will Have The Level Chronicles Of Narnia ON KHIII? Man That Would Be My Favortie Level Of The Whole Game Damn That Would Be Tight As Hell!
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    I Have Another Question About KHII?

    Um All Of A Sudden Stitch Came Outta No Where I Mean Like He Ends Up In Hollow Bastion I Know That But Does He Come From His Home Planet Or What Just Wondering?
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    A Question About The World That Never Was!

    Um I Want To Know How Pluto Got On That Level Cuz Right Now Im On Standard And Yesterday I Just Saw The Little Cutscene From A Little Part Of The World That Never Was And I Saw Pluto In That Place And I Want To Know How He Got There? Can Anyone Tell Me? Well Ill Be On In A Little While So See Ya...
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    KH,KHCOM,Or KH2 What Was Ur Fav. So Far!

    Mines So Far Is Probly KH2 Because I Have Played This Game Over And Over And Over And I Love This One Way More KH Was My Fav. When It Came Out But Now Its Ok But And Chain Of Memories Was Fun To But Still I Choose KH2 Over Both Because More Action And Violence YA!
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    Question About KHII

    I Was Wondering How Do U Get The Secret Ending For KHII I Want To Know WHat Items To Get? Or Whatever!
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    What Is ur Favorite Level Right Now On KH2

    Well Mines Right Now Is Probly Beasts Castle It Was Fun Fighting Xaldin He Was Hard And Playing With Mickey Was Fun To He Was Badd!
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    Well This Makes Me Kinda Mad Cuz I Just Got News Right Now That My Friend Just Beat Kingdom Hearts 2 And I Think That This Game Is Shorter Than The Other One But I Still Love This Game But Dont U Think They Could Have Made It A Little Longer?