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    Mass gameplay Footage...

    this is just mass gameplay footage u might hjave seen or might not have seen, so here it all is from timeless river Halloween town, pridelands, 100 acre wood, hallow bastion, atlantica, disney castle and tron... plus all (dif) cutscenes timeless River gameplay1 and 2...
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    Has anyone heard....

    Alright, i have heard nmerous times of a a Square Enix Press Conference in January, around the 10th, which concerns the American Release date... Has anyone else heard of this or am i being told lies
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    Axel looks easy playing as Roxas (spoilers in videos)

    Wow i just watched a vid form Kh2.co.uk of Cow playing kh2. One of the battles was Roxas vs Axel, and let me say, Axel looks so easy to beat, not even that hard. So do we battle Axel again or something as sora, or does Roxas encounter axel again? Heres the video...
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    NEWER (very new not released) PV INFO..spoilers

    From Kh2.co.uk This information contains spoilers! Kingdom Hearts 2 - New PV info [12 Dec 2005] [Cow] • "Passion" song plays. • The PV starts from Sora being in the pod. • After that, it gains speed. • DiZ and Roxas are in the pod room. • Namine is having her conversation with Roxas. •...
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    Question about Diz/Ansem

    Alright as i remember people were saying Diz is ansem.... Okay i have not read much of here lately, but in the previous scans, why is there a picture of ansem in the bottom right hand corner? http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/scans/108.jpg theres the link, check it out.... please do not...
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    now that i think about it

    i actually really wish instead of winter 2005, they would have kept it to what it was all along, september...You know why, because september came really fast since it is already August. WHen all the webs said it would come out in september yupp, everyone was all like, i gotta wait that long...
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    Did anyone know

    I was just looking at translations for the recent images, and the orginization is called the thirteenth order... I was just wondering did u all know and i must have missed it?
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    Theories Page

    Alright, i do not know if this will really work out, but i hope it does... Since we have so many theories pop up daily, i thought this would hopefully work out.... This is the theories page, this is where people can post, and explain there theories on KH2. People can also reply and say what...
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    Beast attacking Sora and company?

    At liek 2 minutes and 45 seconds of the new e3 trailer, i swear beasts like claws at sora, goofy and donald....Look at the trailer, when u get to 2:45, look and u will see... what do u think its about and also its right after u see the unknown leave beast
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    WHOA... News on another World

    I was just on KHU and on the fornt page, they said that there has been a trailer shown on spanish tv, this trailer is the one that will be shown at E3. this onformation is UNCONFIRMED at the time but.....heres the news Reports have came in that parts of the new E3 trailer have already been...
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    2pac Dead/Alive

    Alright this is a thread on 2pac, whether u think he is dead or alive..... Personally i think he is really alive, not just because of that 7 day theory or all the rumors. Its just one thing that gets me....since hes been dead, he has done so many albums, plus, on his latest album Loyal to the...
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    Debate- Amazing Race/Survivor

    Which one do you think is better, amazing race, or survivor... Im a big fan of both the reality shows, so it would be hard for me to pick, but amazing race i seem to like a little better what about you
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    Favorite Sports Player

    Who is your favorite sports player of all time, doesnt matter what sport With me, i would say, wayne gretzky, i am a hockey fanatic, i love it, and wayne gretzky, hes a great player, and showed all of us kids what playin real hockey is
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    My theory on Pete, may spoil

    Alright i am giving my theory on Pete, which involves King Mickey Alright, if you have ever seen House of Mouse on nothing other than the Disney Channel, what is Petes role in House of Mouse. He is out to destroy mickeys business, and basically destroy mickeys life. Now in KHII, pete and...
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    Nomura for a day

    Alright if you had the chace to be noura for a day, of the things we havent seen that will be in KHII, what would u change about it in that day I would definetly change and take out winnie the pooh, it was a cool world, but it wasnt worth visiting, i just found it a waste Another thing i...
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    It opens tom, may 1

    It opens tom, may 2 Alright, i follow a lot around here, but i do not post much, i just look around and see what is going on, so therefore do not call me noobish, i know a lot from on here.... The new square enix site opens tom may 1, what would you like to expect from this opening things i...