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    The EGM Kingdom Hearts II article

    no release date god dang it!!! i was hoping for one well good find man, good info too
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    Saix + Xemnas Boss battle Videos

    thanks i wanted to see saix fight
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    About release dates

    people and release dates.... always people with below 50 posts who dont read rules...
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    my brain

    roku you needa learn how to spell or watch how you are typing.... but that is kinna funny, and i do not think this should be in the spoiler thread, not really a spoiler, but whatever...
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    Closeup pics of Riku's Keyblade

    NIce find xaldin And my innerfred...u crack me up
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    Update from 1up.com but again

    Nice find
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    IS the ending video really a spoiler

    not really a spoiler to me
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    OMG thats ****in cool

    wow people seriously needa knwo stuff is old
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    New Scans...

    Good find
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    Some New Information (Spoilers)

    Wish i could get lucky lol....i dont even care anymore lol
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    one word.....UNREAL!
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    Possible Organization XIII members name

    arent most of them confirmed though?
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    New Prideland gameplay

    Yet another good find Xaldy!!!
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    i think better man has them all right, i heard genie and peter pan are the strongest of them tho
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    Some New Information (Spoilers)

    you and Xaldin are def the best at finding stuff, and the videos
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    Some New Information (Spoilers)

    Good find, keep it up inner fred!
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    Your Favorite Order Member

    Saix.... Hes a pimp wit the silver bluish hair
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    Remembering heroes

    this thread almost seems pointless, but yea axel bc he tried to help
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    Why do you need an item to lock the keyholes this time?

    listen to xaldin, hes the almighty kh2 info god