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    Silhouette Battles

    Anything special you have to do the silhouette battles? oh, and if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe tell me where they are found?
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    swap magic and ps2

    from a scale to one to ten, how safe is swap magic for the ps2
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    the crowns

    do the crowns that sora wear have any abilities, or are they just trophies.
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    Sora in KH1 or in KH2

    Which Sora, in attitude, etc., do you think is better; The Sora in Kingdom Hearts or the Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2? In my opinion, I think KH sora is better. here are my reasons; 1. He has a awesome attitude. 2. He seems more mature than when he was in KH2. 3. Also he seems to be more smarter...
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    hollow bastion waterway

    you know that waterway in hollow bastion, how do you get through. i don't mean how to get to the switch that opens the gate in the beginning, i mean all the other switches. is it even possible to get to the other switches
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    cloud on your team?

    i was looking around trying to find a walkthrough for kh, then i found this GET CLOUD ON YOUR TEAM [Submitted by: Josh] 1. IN collusium go to herculese cup 2. When you get to cloud you have to beat him 3. If you beat him he will give you a key blade called the metal choccobo 4.go to traverse...
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    would you be mad if square didnt release kh2:fm to US

    I would be really mad if Square Enix doesn't release KH2:FM to the US. :cursing: There making a big deal out of it, so if they didn't release it here, then i don't know
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    What if you were able to make your own nobody?

    I know, people have asked this question before, but I wanted to still ask. If you were able to create your own nobody, what would their name be, weapon, etc. Mine would be a nobody of a keyblader that was before Sora and Riku. His name would be Rexen. He would be kind of like Roxas, in the...