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  1. Enchanted Rose

    KHI Rumour Mill

    Post rumours (or 'rumors' for those of you that aren't in the commonwealth) that you have heard in this thread. Rumour: For the next KHI Sings, we will be performing Kanye's Yeezus in its entirety. Source: I have been approached asking if I am willing to lend vocals for the screams on 'I am a...
  2. Enchanted Rose

    Who do you want to form a study group with on KHI?

    A questions we actually care about, right?
  3. Enchanted Rose

    If KHI members were rappers

    Aight, a couple of people were asking for this, due to my encyclopaedic knowledge of rap. I have examined everyone's lyrical flow in detail and matched KHI members with their rap alter egos. (If you're not on the list, you either haven't made enough posts for me to see ya steez or you ain't...
  4. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► Mental Health

    Earlier in the year, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and severe depression. To be honest, this had probably been going on for some time, but it was only intercepted and identified after I had a series of particularly bad panic attacks. I was referred to a Psychological Unit, but bureaucracy...
  5. Enchanted Rose


    Okay guys, I think you know how this works, PM me your favourite number, and I'll tell the community exactly what I think of you. ** 39: I can't decide whether I find you adorable or annoying. Oh, another thing - sometimes I feel like I might almost fall asleep listening to you. 68: I don't...
  6. Enchanted Rose


    Hey everyone, I know KHI tends to be quite a light-hearted place most of the time, where things –especially where FI is concerned- aren’t too serious. Unfortunately, behind the scenes, forum politics can be a bit of a bitch. Most of you already know that unfortunately the main site and the...
  7. Enchanted Rose

    5 years

    I'm not usually one for starting threads in the foyer, to inform people as to every mundane detail of my actions on this forum, but as of today I've now been a member here for five years, so I think this warrants a reasonable amount of attention whoring. I've happily wasted quite a...
  8. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► Please help and support me

    Well, this may sound a little strange, but it’s actually upsetting me quite a bit. You can all have insight into my utterly embarrassing life. LONG POST, I know. One of my closest friends is acting inappropriately towards me, and I feel uncomfortable about it. It actually started...
  9. Enchanted Rose

    KHI, you know what time it is - [Rain & Iridium - 9/1/09]

    Here we have an unlikely trio - Iridium, Rain and Enchanted Rose - and all for the purpose of picking up the mantle the KHI interview committee’s special brand of ‘investigative journalism’ and probing further into some of our most prolific members’ minds. If anyone has stacked the forum...
  10. Enchanted Rose

    Racist of the Week

    goes to- Prince Philip. This week, media reports alleged he displayed astonishment that Obama was able to tell the difference between the Russians, Chinese and David Cameron. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Let us amuse ourselves with some of his other gems. "If you stay here...
  11. Enchanted Rose

    Most shameful additions to your iTunes

    Well I was talking about this to one of my friends the other day, and we both managed to unearth some rather embarrassing songs and artists. It made me realise I need a full scale purge. I admit to having: Shania Twain's Greatest Hits (although I have had that unticked for a decent while)...
  12. Enchanted Rose

    Your life.....

    ...in three words? I suppose an alternative way of stating the thread purpose would be 'give me a snapshot of your life right now by describing it in three words'.
  13. Enchanted Rose

    Should parents be allowed to name their children ANYTHING they want?

    I first heard about this on the radio yesterday, [CLICK HERE] JUDGE CONDEMNS BIZARRE NAMES Some of the names are quite ridiculous. "Number 16 Bus Shelter" leaves nothing to the imagination about that child's conception.... There was another I heard, where the parents had twins and called...
  14. Enchanted Rose

    The 'better' usernames

    The unlikely: GangstaSora Arab Wakka ghetto_sora Gothic_Donald Da_BlackSora The highly imaginative: "Ryan" Circular Circles fan of KH The blunt: iw4nt2r4p3s0r4 guywaiting4kh2 The poetic: Cholera Medicatedsoap Deathspank keepfarming The admirable: IKnoMyABC's!!! im_in_a_band...
  15. Enchanted Rose

    What views or kinds of people do you have no respect for?

    What kinds of opinions can you just not respect? And what sort of people, or groups in society do you dislike?
  16. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► Can't think of a good title, lol.

    ~I'm reluctant to post here, but I am distraught and I really need your advice and support in whatever form. I would rely on my real life friends, but they are naturally incredibly biased towards me, and mostly full of destructive advice i.e. trying to kill my ex boyfriend. Due to lack of...
  17. Enchanted Rose

    Happy Birthday to Fatal Advent <3

    ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY FA~ I hope you have a wonderful and memorable day. If that didn't say it all, it's Fatal Advent's 14th birthday (awwww, bless his little cotton socks [/patronizing bit]), and as one of my favourite people here, I thought I'd make him a thread so we can share the love <3 Please...
  18. Enchanted Rose

    Problems with the E drive.

    All of a sudden, my E drive (HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4084N, Driver Version 5.1.2535.0) stopped working. Basically, whenever I inserted a CD/DVD, nothing would happen. This was the message for the device status: "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted...
  19. Enchanted Rose

    wow, people can't take jokes.

    wow, people can't take jokes. Even when we were acting uncharacteristically and there was no limit to our arrogance... surely that would be enough... ...no? WELL YOU SHOULD ALL FEEL EMBARRASSED FOR FALLING FOR THAT.