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  1. anime10121

    To those who want to avoid spoilers for 3D!

    Just a warning to anyone trying to avoid spoilers, stay away from comments on Kingdom hearts Official Facebook page. There are idiots on there already spoiling major plot points and endings in every post Square makes! I've already been spoiled on two major plot points although one I could have...
  2. anime10121

    Theory on 3D's plot (Minor Spoilers 4 peeps who haven't finished earlier games)

    Hey guys tell me what you think of my guess at 3D's plot (really quick and to the point) First of all dealing with the MofM exam: I think the plot will deal with Sora, having defeated all the major obstacles that have come his way, getting extremely cocky (as you can see in the trailer when he...
  3. anime10121

    First Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories US Review!!!

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Review For those to lazy to click it got a B-!!! Wednesday cant get here soon enough:)