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    Ven question

    thanks for understanding!!!! I thought I was being really confusing, but yes, essentially Sora=Ven somehow
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    Ven question

    Sorry for confusing you!!!!!! It's definitely not a theory or anything... I think. It's more just an observation. Or I could just make it a theory and say Sora and Ven have a connection... but I'll just assume everyone already knows and/or thinks that. So whatever, sorry for wasting your...
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    Ven question

    nononononono... I'm saying that I don't think its really all that important that Roxas looks like Ven. Its that since he supposedly looks like Sora then that means Sora looks like Ven as well. So I guess I'm saying Ven and Sora looking alike is more important. and I'm not saying I think Sora...
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    How to get Ultima Keyblade

    You need I think 13 actually but if you use the Moogles abilities you can cut it down to 7
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    Heartless & Nobodies

    Kinda stupid but... I find this all really funny. Like... they're called Heartless but they actually ARE hearts. And the Nobodies are the "bodies" left behind. Their names kind of contradict what they are... sort of
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    Ven question

    I'm completely and utterly new to this and the whole posting thing... so if its been done or in the wrong place... don't bite my head off and sorry. I'm not sure if this is really a statement or a question or whatever but.... I know how everyones like 'Why do Roxas and Ven look so much...