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    Help/Support ► Advice Please =)

    Deleted post because i can =) Edit: Woooo~ CLOSED.
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    -[:. The Cloud Fan-Club .:]-

    SQUEE! There is like every fan-club for every character cept Cloud! D: weird eh? *cough* meh anyways i shall make one cause i dunt ever remember seeing one .___. Members: Me! =D Aimee (well shes the pres XD ) T_T we need more Cloud fans. President: Aimee PSSSSSSTT ..careful Aimee loves...
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    Sonic X anyone??

    I havent seen a thread like this and i wasnt sure where to put it but does anyone watch Sonic X?? on 4kids TV?? .-.
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    ..::+=+::.. Demyx Fanclub! ..::+=+::..

    a fan-club for DEMYX! come on you know you love him!! you know you wanna join!! hes awsome! =D >.> and dont even come in here and bash away :/ or ill sick armadilos on you
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    Hey does anyone watch this show? W.I.T.C.H ? its on ToonDisney and they got it on regular Disney channel recently and its not anime but its a sweet cartoon....i think its really cool and pretty funny! who else watches it if anyone! ^^
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    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    I dont think theres a thread about this so i shall make one! ^^ does anyone watch Whose Line Is It Anyway?....i think its the funniest show on tv lol
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    Hi everyone ^^

    Hey people ^^ I am new here! w00t! Ive looked on here for a while and i am finally posting yay! *throws confetti everywhere* hope to get along with everyone and have a good time here ^^