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  1. Dark-Disciple

    The Song of the Siren

    The Song of the Siren-(C.P.) There was a challenge, There was a seductive whisper You raised your chin and beckoned me in And I was none the wiser. I wanted to be the one to show you a thing or two. Few had survived. You needed defeat. You needed deliverance. You needed trust. And I gave it to...
  2. Dark-Disciple

    D-D vs GrandMaster_Chris

    1v1 PC Battle. Basic rules: 1) At least 1 post a day if possible. Whoever doesn't after a 3 day period (on the 4th day) automatically forfeits the match. 2) Please, clarity in posts is crucial. I will do my best to make every post as clear as possible, so please do the same. If you ever have...
  3. Dark-Disciple

    Open Challenge anyone?

    I figured this would be a fun way to get back... Open challenge, 1v1 PC Battle. You know the basic rules. 1) At least 1 post a day if possible. Whoever doesn't after a 3 day period (on the 4th day) automatically forfeits the match. 2) Please, clarity in posts is crucial. I will do my best to...
  4. Dark-Disciple

    Help/Support ► D-D's Help and Advice Center

    Seeing as how there are a lot of individuals here that seem to like my advice and some of the things that I've helped them with through certain situations, I guess I've decided to create my own little advice thread so that it would be easier for you guys to reach me, instead of having to go...
  5. Dark-Disciple

    Hey Guys.

    It's been quite a long time, I'll say (seriously, I think that might even be an understatement) For the past couple of months I've been busy with college, and you know, building a career and all, and trying to "grow-up" I guess. But there are certain places and people that always bring you...
  6. Dark-Disciple

    Would you look at that!

    I figured this would be a fun way to get back... Open challenge, 1v1 PC Battle. You know the rules... Template: Name: Dark Age: 23 Gender: Male Appearance: http://fireemblemblog.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/pent.jpg (black hair though) Weapons: Light Bearer: A double-edged silver rapier...
  7. Dark-Disciple

    Thinking on a Vertical Perspective: Homosexuality

    ~ The fact that we live in an open and “free” society should not be a shocker to anyone. Just look around you; it is the main archetype of thought upon which America was created. This, however, is the very premise that makes it hard to argue any given point that deals with how individuals behave...
  8. Dark-Disciple

    Hey Guys

    Really not sure if anyone remembers me... Just wanted to drop in for a greeting to everyone. I miss you guys. Hope everything is going well, and if anyone wishes to say hi, by all means : )
  9. Dark-Disciple

    Wow.... Would You Look At that....

    Hmmmm Today was my 17th birthday..... Haha. Cool I guess.... I Just thought someone out there would care to know....... Not the greatest forum Day I´ve ever had, but surely a kickass day non-the-less^ So yeah.... Whoopty doo^ I´m on the process of coming back and hopefully sometime by the 11th...
  10. Dark-Disciple

    [Show] The Paper (MTV)

    So yeah, as much as I disdain this channel, They actually came to my school to make a show about our school's newspaper, and this is what came out of it^ Premiering at 10:30pm today, here's a thread for anyone who is planning on watching it in order to discuss the greatly scripted drama of our...
  11. Dark-Disciple

    *-^Show Some Love To Total Darkness^-* Fanclub

    So being the complete and absolute moron that I am, I have created (or led) quite the artillery of Fan clubs around here in the forums, yet however, I still seem to have completely missed the worthy idea of creating a club for that ONE individual who I see as the ultimate epitome of what most of...
  12. Dark-Disciple

    -^To The Amazing Lycian Wolfe^-

    After All of her work here in the Forums as quite the active member, and being quite a good friend of hers, I see no one more deserving of a fanclub Than Her today However, searching around the forums, I was surprised to find that no such thread had been created up to this Point... So here's...
  13. Dark-Disciple

    THE C.S.E.D.G's Headquarters^

    We Are The CRAZY STUPID EVIL DARKNES GROUP (C.S.E.D.G.) And we are on a quest to Rule the World. We need as many souls as possible to join our noble cause, for there is much we plan to do and we need all the cooperation available. Total Darkness and I shall lead you all to Greatness. And...
  14. Dark-Disciple

    Call it a comeback if you want^

    So yeah.... After being absent from this part of the forums, I guess it's about time I show my face around here again. This is an open, 1 on 1, PC type battle and I will post my template as soon as someone accepts the challenge. Best of luck to whoever decides to partake in this^ :thumbup:
  15. Dark-Disciple

    Happy Thanksgiving One and All^

    Here's a thread for all of you here in the forums to wish a happy thanksgiving to one another, and to say what you shall be doing for the day ^_^ Enjoy the holiday^ :thumbup:
  16. Dark-Disciple

    *the Flcl Club*

    Here's a club for all that have seen FLCL and believe that even though it was the most random anime ever, it was still one of the best things after sliced bread... :thumbup: FLCL FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Dark-Disciple

    Riku, Gay or not.

    Well this is kinda self explanatory, Some people and I have heard that Riku has been taken as a gay character as many have publicized him paring up with Sora. I would like to ask that if you think he is Gay, plz give us some reasons to back you opinion. All I ask is that they are intelligent...
  18. Dark-Disciple

    Dark-Diciple vs Twilight Demon

    Well, here I am again, hopefully this goes well. Good luck to you Twilight_Demon The spots for judges are open and well, Just remember the rules. From now on, your posts will be the law. RULES: 1. No Powerplaying. 2. No God-Modding. 3. Literacy, literacy, and more literacy! 4. NO SPAM...
  19. Dark-Disciple

    The Fanclub Enlisting Thread

    Ok, so here's the thing. Me and some of the people over at "The Closed" (a riku fanclub) Have decided to do a thread here in this part of the forums To enlist New members to their first fanclub. Meet people there and Participate in the series of events that we are hosting around the Forums. This...
  20. Dark-Disciple

    The Closed Fan Club Presents: THE TOURNAMENT OF DARKNESS

    This might sound odd, but Me and the people at "The Closed" fan club have decided to host a Fighting tournament. In this tournament, 8 contestants will be placed to fight each other. The winners of each of the battles will move on while the losers will be eliminated from the tournament and...