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    Something I Still Don't understand

    Okay,i don't understand how sora,donald,and goofy end up in Twilight town.Did castle oblivion become the old mansion in twilight town or what.I dont understand it at all.If u know,please explain it to me.(and dont try and act like you're all tough and stuff by talkin trash cuz i didnt know about...
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    Something They Never Explain!!!

    Hey have u guys noticed that they never explain how Sora ended up in Twilight Town.He was in Castle Oblivion when he entered the Memory Restoration Chamber right?So how did he end up in Twilight Town?
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    I Beat Him!!!

    Hey everyone,i finally beat Sephiroth!!!He was actually kinda easy.Its just u gotta know all his moves first.Its too bad,i kinda wish i could face him again.Im glad i beat him tho,now i can join the select few that have beatin him although i wish i was the first.
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    Kingdom Hearts???

    Hey do u guys think they will make Kingdom Hearts an actual world u can go to on KH2???If u guys dont understand what i mean,im talkin bout the Door Kingdom Hearts,what if u can go in there and it is a whole world.Like after u closed it,it expands or somethin like that.Cuz i know it was hella...
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    Riku's Importance(For people who haven't played the game only!!!)

    Do you guys think that Riku's role will be just as important as Roxas' role in the game?I think that Riku isnt gonna be that important because there is still no info on him at all.We know more about Roxas than we know about Riku.That kinda bothers me a lil bit.Remember,if u played KH2 then dont...
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    Too Much

    Dont all u guys think they are giving too much info away to people who want to enjoy the game with all the suprises.Some people already know the ending of the game and its not gonna be suprising anymore.They should have showed the ending like 6 months after its been released in america.
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    Nothin to do with KH2

    How do i delete pictures off of my signature?
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    BHK's Role

    Now i have heard many people say that the BHK's role is going to be important to the game.I just want to say,how do u guys know?How can u be sure that his role is that important,no one has proof,no one knows anything about the guy,and no one knows how he was even thought of.Maybe the BHK doesn't...
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    What Day does everyone think KH2 will come out?

    What is the exact date that u think the game will be released on?I just wanted to know what everyone thought the date would or should be.
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    What if

    What if Sora and BHK were born from Axel's heart.Sora Bein the Light side of Axel,BHK bein the Twilight side of Axel,and then Axel bein the dark side.Its not likely but im just tryin to bring somethin new up.
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    Deep Dive

    Do u think that deep dive will be a place where u can buy stuff(looks like a town in the video)or just a place where u fight heartless and stuff.
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    BHK's Drive

    If BHK was to have the ability to use drive,what do u think he would look like and would he be able to fuse with his friends that he hangs with?
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    What would the reason be

    What would the reason be for Riku to want to fight Sora if Riku was friends with Sora at the end of Kingdom Hearts?Please post your thoughts.
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    More abilities

    Do u think that they will give Donald and Goofy better abilities(they had some pretty good abilities in KH1 but they didnt have enough)and if u do what do u think the abilities should be/look like?