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    =O mickeys first ever words were hotdog XD

    =OO DISNEH IS T3H UUUBER SUBLIMINAL MESSENGERS!! eternity moon told me about the pic XD it was on wikipedia
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    well i have no idea where else to post this but ZOMFG! this chick is an amazing carpenter if she really is the one who created them keyblade!!!!
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    song i wrote

    k so at the moment i dont have a beat so its more of a poem but once i get a beat it'll be a song. and its not completely finished yet so i'm still working on it ========================================================= Loving You More Then You’ll Know That smile, that beautiful smile...
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    kh2 if you were gay

    If You Were Gay kh2 video with roxas and axel XD!!
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    wow this guy is so amazing

    pacabel's canon wow omfg i wish i could do this! ive only just started playing but i really wanna learn this even though its classical music XD its like rock symphony=really amazing!
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    has anyone got the tabs for this? not chords, tabs i really wanna learn this! some really amazing ass rock version of hikari
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    anyone know a site with LOTS of kh cgi pics? sorry for making a thread about this but i cant find any and i remember someone posted a site a LONg time ago but i cant remember it o yea and i need axel's face b/c im cosplaying him for anime north
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    not realy help on the game but still help XD

    does anyone have the passion sheet music?
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    so how do u get glide lvl 3? ive gotten glide lvl 1 but idk how to get 3...
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    Mexican in KH.......? .___.;

    wtf is this? theres no topic?
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    Zomfg No!

    NO!!!! my everytime i put my kh2 game into my ps2 it keep saying "Disc Read Error" !!! ZOMFG NO! can anyone help me with this problem?!?!? its either the ps2 or my game! someone please help meh!
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    kinda odd

    ite well i beat the game and i didnt visit pride lands at all i didnt even do the gummy battle and i didnt beat atlantica or tron or the hundred acre wood. ok well i killed all the org members found riku and all that other shit. then when i go back after i beat it i go to pride lands. then it...
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    Pinoy rap/hip hop

    well i havnt really seen any threads about filipino hip hop(or as others like to call it flip hop XD) but anyway heres where you can talk about them. and if you have any songs that you have actually written by all means post it hear. o yea nd whos your fav. i like ONE3D alot i found him on...
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    yay!!! 1,000 posts!!!! w00t w00t!!!!!!!! lol just felt like making this thraed b/c im uber bored and happy i have 1000 posts:D
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    Hooray its my bd!

    well its my bday today and i feel like making a thread about it b/c im uber bored XD waiting for people to get here
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    another song??

    k well idk if this has been done and i really doubt it but iwas downloading songs from kh and i came across this one song and it said that it as from kh2 its called Final Distance by Utada Hikaru so wtf? could this possibly be another song for KH2? idts but i juz wanna make sure. i know passion...
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    So now we know...

    well everyone who recieves the newsletters now knows that BHKs name is Siru(not 100% sure but found from a ver reliable japanese source). Like the newsletter said if think about it {Sora + Riku = Siru} so my theory is that Siru is possibly a combination of sora's dark and rikus light which...
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    Kingdom Hearts movie? what do u guys think

    i think it would be agreat idea to turn these games into a trilogy. especially if they use the graffix that used in the biginning cinematics of the game and the last few cin's too. i think i mighta mentioned this in another thread