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    You die like angels sing

    Without Border With Border http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f199/Cin999/Stocks/Infamous-1.jpg - Original pic Cnc or whatever.
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    Nomura Interview - Everything so far

    Rpg master posted the first half, and various other members posted the second half, I thought I'd post the whole thing in one thread. (Or at least all that we've seen so far) Interviewer: (About the 14th Member) Does this character fight? What kind of weapon does she use? Nomura: What about...
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    359/2 days shown at nintendo Conference

    There's not a lot of new info, really just one new screenshot, which confirms Alice in wonderland to be a Playable world.
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    REALLY High quality Scan pics from Famitsu

    Famitsu Releases High Quality Screens! - Kingdom Hearts Insider Source: Famitsu I know someone already cropped the pics from the scans in pretty high quality, but these are direct from the famitsu website.