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    So, I just beat re:com...

    Also is anyone else curious as that scene in RE:COM after you beat marluxia, it shows axel standing in front of clone riku and saying things to him. SO im guessing clone riku will play a part later in the series?
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    Ven Roxas Theory

    Ok so after playing 358/2 and reading through these forums for a bit i have a very rough theory as to that question of roxas having a heart or not. So first of all as we all know in the video realeased at the end of KH2FM++ it shows a battle where ven seems to die at the end, after that kingdom...
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    Significance of the title

    umm i know its a stretch. but maybe he means 358/2 because roxas is both a part of sora and ven. if you think about it, there is going to be a connection between the two, and why the orginazations nobodies look identical to their somebodies, but namine and roxas dont look like their somebodies...
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    New BBS Video Leaves Me With Questions!

    So i just watched this 5 minute video of cut scenes from BBS (just like 358/2 ill see all the cut scenes before its ok -_-). Anyways it showed all the organization members as their somebodies and they all look IDENTICAL to their nobodies. Which leaves me with the question....why does roxas and...
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    Ummm i wasnt calling anyone a homophobe. i was asking the person what their views were on the subject aside from the whole fictional realm. And they politely answered the question.
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    another question....

    25 hours-ish on proud mode
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    nooo, its intentional, you;ll see
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    Im just really curious. Do you say this because the characters do not seem to be. or do you say this because homosexuality makes you uncomfortable? Im just wondering, i really think anti-akuroku is also harshly based on peoples view on sexuality. I didnt think they could be at first, but then...
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    Just battled you-know-who

    also this game was highly depressing. most depressing one yet. even KH2 ending i found bittersweet with roxas and namine disapearing.
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    Just battled you-know-who

    AS for givign oblivion to riku. Xion is in roxas after her last scene. when roxas is runnign to riku she uses roxas to throw the keyblade at riku, and she then communicates to riku which distracts him, and she then tells him via the keyblade to not let roxas get to xemnas, prob cause he is not...
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    I dont know, it could potentially be....hot
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    That is very true, i dont tihnk you can prove or disprove either side really. As much evidence as anyone provides theres still those iffy grey areas. Unless it comes out of nomuras mouth i dont think we'll ever know.
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    In all honesty i never saw any RoxasXNamine, nor have i ever really noticed any of the "romantic" relationships. The only semi evident one is Kairi and sora really. Also i think it is funny that Days made me think there possibly could be akuroku while it seems it deffered the idea for most...
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    lols this guy takes things waaay too seriously. i wonder how he handles real life situations.
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    how has dogenzaka not been banned by now lol.
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    I need visual help with Mission 25

    I didnt liek those missions. i was constantly wondering "why on earth are these emblems in such awkward places? and why do we need them?"
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    Yeah, if there was Roxion, I think I would find it a bit incestous
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    Hahahaha that is very true. If either side gets too carried away it does break out in a giant forum war. Ive heard arguments that the whole akuroku thing is watered down from the japanese version to english version. But from what i know the translations are done without change in dialouge, no?
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    That makes sense. yet about the love part, neither of them really know what it is so axel couldnt really have said whether he was or not i think. Also roxas is only a year oldish by the end of the game and to him friendship is eating ice cream with someone after a mission (kind shown in the last...
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    in your display pic it shows zexions book as "book of doom". are you sure he just doesnt have a deathnote?