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    Time Travel... it's so simple!

    I completed the game last night and, I'm sorry, as this board is filled with this sort of thing already, but I don't understand some plot things. I've been reading around, but I can't seem to wrap my head around certain aspects, so any help would be appreciated... 1. I was confused by exactly...
  2. K

    What do think will be the next "food item" of KH?

    Sorry I'm just really curious guys. First it was the Paopu fruit (or however you spell it) then sea salt ice cream so what do you guys think OR want it to be? gum drops? Sugar Plums? Lollipops even! XD
  3. K

    Treasure Checklist?

    Hey does anybody know a place to find or actually has a good treasure chest checklist for all the worlds? ya know so I can find the ones I'm missing If you guys don't know all the locations in every world then just Land of Dragons and Port Royal would help me out. Any help is greatly...