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  1. Exavier

    Photos of 10th Anniversary 3D+Days+Re:coded Box!

    Am I the only one disappointed in this? 10 years and we get postcards and a case? Oh, and a fancy box. I'm not a sour fanboy. I'm truly grateful that they even localize Kingdom Hearts at all in other countries besides Japan, but considering the price of the bundle and the amount of time and...
  2. Exavier

    Kingdom Hearts Summerized on Google Documents

    https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B8cPyvE2GTjOMzE4MTVlZTctMjE5Yi00YzAzLWJjZTAtZTllODY2OTc2MTMx&hl=en_US Not really anything major. Just a fun read and a refresher for the upcoming release of KH3D. Link contains spoilers.
  3. Exavier

    [Spoilers] How Does Lea...

    Now that you mention it, you're right. Then again it's only aesthetics.
  4. Exavier

    [Spoilers] How Does Lea...

    It's been shown that 'normal' weapons can be conjured. Keyblades like the Peter Pan keyblade are non-canon. It appears in-cutscene, but it reverts to the Kingdom Key when in CGI (canon). Again, I believe it's to show growth/evolution. Honestly, I'd be pretty odd to picture young Lea wielding...
  5. Exavier

    [Spoilers] How Does Lea...

    This may or may not have been said already: It's maybe just an evolution thing. Basically Axel/Lea grew to the point that his frisbees became chakrams. Similar to what happened to Terra's Earthshaker keyblade becoming the Ends of the Earth keyblade. So, if Lea acquired the chakrams during his...
  6. Exavier

    [SPOILERS] Theory on the gray haired boy

    Wasn't it the Realm of Darkness with Aqua?
  7. Exavier

    DO YOU WANT TO QUIT?.. No PSP I do not now GO AWAY D:<

    Hardware issue. My PSP did this 4 hours after I bought the PSP bundle on the first day of release. I called Sony they said I could send it in and wait 3 weeks to get it back. I simply walked back into gamestop and asked for another one. My second PSP bundle worked fine.
  8. Exavier

    Who is...

    Who exactly is the person speaking to Sora in the first game? Maybe I missed something but during the tutorial in the very first game a person speaks to Sora: "So much to do, so little time." "Take your time." "Don't be afraid." Etc. Has this person ever been revealed? Is it just Ansem SoD?
  9. Exavier

    How many Files does it take to play BBS?

    I think you don't unlock Critical until after Standard/Proud. Because people might think Critcal is just hard mode and end up not completing the game because its so damn hard. I'll have seven. Ven (Proud&Critical), Aqua(Proud&Critical), Terra (Proud&Critical), and The Last Episode.
  10. Exavier


    I hate you all. I don't think all NA fans are stupid, but most are. "OMFG AQUA IS SORA'S SISTER AND TERRA IS RIKUS DAD." Things like that it was give me little faith in our future. Anyway. We're only putting in our inputs of how things will be pronounced. It won't even matter cuz we aren't...
  11. Exavier


    I bet 1,000 internets that its Kai-Blade. It sounds the most authentic.
  12. Exavier

    do u think...

    KH2FM =/= KHBBS 25characters
  13. Exavier

    Differences between NA and EU versions?

    Re: differences between and eu versions? I wouldn't go and call it lazy... Just different variations. The U is kinda silent anyway.
  14. Exavier

    Differences between NA and EU versions?

    Re: differences between and eu versions? Are you implying my re-translation? It was a joke. I was no way serious.
  15. Exavier

    Differences between NA and EU versions?

    Re: differences between and eu versions? "This formal brawl will resume as individual to individual. Indeed."
  16. Exavier

    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Full Length English Trailer (7:11) I was alright with everything. MX's voice was alright it'll take time to get used too though. Terra needs a deeper voice. Im fine with Aqua's voice. Vanitas's name sounded odd, but they couldn't make it sound too spanish/latin. I like AtW's narration. I...
  17. Exavier

    command styles

    Soul's comment came from no where either. Shit. Oh, we're saved. Here comes skyfoxx with his faithful inputs. TheLight, the thread was made for thoughts and opinions of the new names of the command styles. And if you wanted to make your own; sure. Not to have them bashed for no reason. Shit...
  18. Exavier

    Wouldn't it be a B****!

    From Director's Secret Report XIII. tl;dr Read underlined portion.
  19. Exavier

    command styles

    OH but if they were canon and named by Square/Disney themselves you'd love them. Whore.
  20. Exavier

    do you think this could be the same place?

    Holy shit, my comments are invisible. I'll go check my CP.