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    Ven Roxas Theory

    Ok so after playing 358/2 and reading through these forums for a bit i have a very rough theory as to that question of roxas having a heart or not. So first of all as we all know in the video realeased at the end of KH2FM++ it shows a battle where ven seems to die at the end, after that kingdom...
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    New BBS Video Leaves Me With Questions!

    So i just watched this 5 minute video of cut scenes from BBS (just like 358/2 ill see all the cut scenes before its ok -_-). Anyways it showed all the organization members as their somebodies and they all look IDENTICAL to their nobodies. Which leaves me with the question....why does roxas and...
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    I was never really a supporter of the whole axel and roxas being "more than friends" fangirl theory at all. But after playing 358/2 i couldnt help but notice they kinda layed it on thick there. Anyone else think so ??? Let the arguments begin.
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    (SPOILERS) Two questions about the game

    ok so near the end of the game xion fights xigbar in wonderland and then xion takes of her hood and axels looks at her face but the camera does not show you what he sees..... does he see sora or who? because xigbar saw ven. Second question is more of a statement. was anyone else confused as so...