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    Was This Worth It?

    I recently traded in my PSP and all of my games for it for a Wii. The games I had are, Burnout Legends Lumines Tony Hawk's Underground DBZ Shin Budokai Tekken: DR Darkstalkers Syphon Filter Fight Night Round 3 TokobotI got well over $300 for it all. So my question is do you think it was worth it?
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    Is this a good cheap graphics card?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814133149 I just wanted to know if this is a good cheap graphics card. I'm banned from the Gamespot forums so I decided to ask here.:cool:
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    Help To Get Over My Fear

    Okay there's this girl that I REALLY like, and I know she likes me back but it just seems like I'm to big of a coward to call her and ask her out. I keep dialing her number but I can never seem to push that talk button to call her. Help me please!
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    Attention All Heroes!

    The Omega Team Defeated? It has been reported just yesterday afternnon that the famed heroes of our fare city of Paragon the Omega Team, who members include Speedburst, Mecha Man, Ozmondo the Strong, The Beatiful Windgust, and of course Omega Man have finally been defeated and kidnapped by the...
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    MP Limit?

    Does your MP have a limit? Pretty muych everytime I level now(i'm level 92) it says my magic increased yet it still stays at 140.
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    How Long

    How long did it take you to beat kh2? I beat it in 25 hours 54 minutes.
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    Favorite Boss

    What is your favorite boss so far? Mine is a tie between Hydra and the last fight with Axel. I made two save files just so I can play those again whenever I want.
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    Man this guy is super hard. I can't kill him and I'm on my 5th try. I'm level 37 is that high enough or should I level up a bit first?
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    Attention All Heroes!

    Attention All Heroes Attention all young heroes of the world of the world. The legendary group of super heroes The Megas which members include Mr. Mega, Speedbust, Tech, Cyclone, and The Ape have been defeated and taken by the devious villian Dr. Zero and his cronies in an attempt to absorb...
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    The Master Hand has been revived and has started a new Super Smash Brothers tournament, this time inviting anyone willing to compete. The prize is fame and fortune. The match's are 3 VS 3 and the team mates have never met each other. So this is basicly a tournament 3 on 3. You can pick any 3...
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    I have a question. It might be a noob question but I haven't been on the forums for a while but who are the three power ranger looking knights from that ending; or does anybody even know?
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    Mario Baseball

    who else owns this game? in my opinion it's the best mario sports game ever.
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    hilarious commercial

    this is a funny nutri grain commercial http://www.ebaumsworld.com/nutrigrainad.html
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    Family Life

    Okay this is my second try at an RP. My first one wasn't exactly a smashing succes :P. Anyway this RP is about the trials and tribulations of a regular family. In this Rp anything can happen that could happen in a real family. Template Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Association to family...
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    Pokemon Remake

    Does anyone know if they have any plans to remake pokemon gold/silver/crystal?
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    Pokemon Hoenn Adventure

    This Rp is basicly making your way as a trainer through the Hoenn region. You start out getting one of the starters in Hoenn(Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip) and just so we can have more people one person can catch a pokemon from the beginning( For example:Zigzagoon,Poochyena,Wurmple) We can have 4...
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    Sorry if this is old

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    Your characters stats

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    Have you ever been in a serious fight? If so did you lose?(dont lie lol) I get in a fight with someone in my grade that got real serious(i got suspended for a week)The teachers pulled us apart so tie I guess. I got in a fight with a big dog. i was playing baseball with some friends and the thing...
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    fav. yo mama joke

    whats your favorite yo mama joke? mine is yo mama has more clap then the lakers arena. my dad taught me that.