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  1. 136199Goat

    Is it odd that the Lingering Will is one of my favourite characters in the series?

    At some points, I even feel like it IS my favourite all around. The odd part is it isn't even a full character, but it's different enough from Terra that I can see it as something other than him. I like the concept of Terra's leftover rage and love for his friends combining with his stray...
  2. 136199Goat

    That music!

    I'm really sorry if this doesn't warrant its own thread, but this music has been stuck in my head all day and I NEED to hear it! Anyone know the name of the theme that plays when Lea comes to save Sora, Riku, and Mickey from the Xehanorts? Not sure if it appears on the OST or not, but I know...
  3. 136199Goat

    Hello! ^_^

    So, I'm new here. This is the third forum I've been on, and I think I'll star on here for a while :) Just thought I'd make an obligatory introduction thread. I suck at going beyond that xD