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    Xehanort, Xemnas, ES and Riku

    For some time now I have been reading the forums, and have come to the conclusion that all or them are connected. I know it kinda is a little far fetched, but take a look. ES-------->Xehanort----------->Xemnas | \______Xehanorts heartless |_Riku Sorry about the crudeness of...
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    Hey i got a question here, and any imput is ok. The heartless contain hearts, just corrupted ones. Yet the Nobodies have no hearts. The Heartless are only hearts in reality, as the body makes a nobody. So why are they called heartless, as we can all see a heart fly up from them when we kill...
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    ultimate master training method

    You guys might have found this way out already but i just want to post it... go to mulan world. get like a bunch of ethers. go to the checkpoint area. go next to the mountain pass entrance, by the fireworks/missile cart. go into master mode. break the cart with fire (attacking it normal takes...
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    drive form lvls

    ok this isnt about how you level up but does anyone know how high you can get drive forms leveled up?
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    The rise in closed threads

    Have you noticed that with the release of the game so close that there are many more closed threads on the top page? People all think that their game release time deserves a new thread... It is so annoying!!!!!!!
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    thread info

    I keep getting my threads closed. I just want to know if this is because of some of my topics got closed. i just want to know what i cant post about, cuz i know some but i forgot the others.
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    ESRB makes it official

    We all knew that it would be E-10, but after a long delay ESRB makes it official. Kingdom hearts II is rated E-10 for alcohol, mild blood and violence. Check the site if u need proof. You may say that we already knew this but the ESRB site didn't have it posted till today. Its so close to...