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  1. animefreak!

    Critique Drawings Please

    Sora and Vanitas My OC Celisse, she has a robotic arm with blades for fingers. MY OC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can I get some critique on my drawings :3 Can critique all or some, whatever you prefer :3 I wanna get better at drawing so I'd like for some critique. I can't get critiques yet...
  2. animefreak!

    Cirque Du Freak movie

    i saw that there wasn't a thread yet so for all the cirque du freak fans out there : I saw the preview of it and it looks really cheesy and doesn't follow with the story that well if you read the book and saw the preview you'd know.I don't like the actors either they did a bad job, seriousley...
  3. animefreak!

    Kingdom Hearts quiz!KH1+KH2

    Kh quiz!! See if you can answer these KH questions and you don't have to repeat the question just put the number of the question next to your answer KH1: 1.Who is the first Heartless you battle in KH 1? 2.What is the first item you are given(potions,exilirs,ether..etc...) 3.Who says"we may...
  4. animefreak!

    Rate the videogame above you

    just rate the videogame above you out of 10 10 is highest and 1 is lowest can be anygame can be an old or new game doesn't matter oh and it can be good or bad games it doesn't matter either so i'll start Devil May Cry 4
  5. animefreak!

    My own characters from my story

    hello these are a few characters i made from one of my stories.Feel free to comment on how awesome or how bad they are i really don't care if you hate them just wanna know your opinion since i just made these recently and no ones said how they are yet(oh and sorry if they're blurry i haven't...
  6. animefreak!

    How well are a few of my drawings?

    #1.heres my drawing of "L" this is my 1st time trying to draw a real person made in 2008: #2here is my drawing of sora and kairi,donald and goofy made in 2008: i shouldn't have colored it looked better not colored #3old sora drawing i made in 2006: #4 Nia and simon made in 2009...
  7. animefreak!

    Your Favorite ► Who's your favourite heartless and nobody?

    so who is your favourite heartless and nobody? mine: KH:(for appearance)Shadow,they look cute XD not really Kh(for fighting):the dragon one(forgot its name) KH:Com:Same as KH KH2:(appearance):the buggle gum thingy KH2(fighting):assault rider KH2(nobody appearance):Dragoon KH2(nobody...
  8. animefreak!

    What makes KH so bad?

    ok i hear from a lot of people on this site they don't like KH and can't wait for it to end?:31:what makes it so terrible and pointless of a game?i know its not as amazing as FF but i don't think KH is terrible and stupid as people say it is. just wondering
  9. animefreak!

    Who in your opinion is the best and worst KH character?

    so who is your fav KH character?and why are they your fav? And who is the worst and why are they your least fav? Best-sora just cause he's the main character i tend to like main characters and he can be so naiive and stupid at times but he's still bad ass least fav-Kairi there's just nothing...
  10. animefreak!

    Your Favorite ► Who's your favorite japanese band/singer?

    mine are: naitomea dir En Grey Luna Sea Alice nine hitomi every little thing ali project maximum the hormone afromania shoko nakagawa XJapan whats yours?
  11. animefreak!

    What are you going to cosplay as for the next Anime convention?

    so who're you going cosplay as for next year? i'm thinking on cosplaying as nia from gurren lagann
  12. animefreak!

    What do you think would make the best KH ending?

    so since i saw a thread asking how bad do you think the kH series could end how about how awesome it could end?:eek: here is my opinion:that there is going to be a huge keyblade war where pretty much they gotta fight to the death where they will get rid of all heartless and nobodies and slowly...
  13. animefreak!

    Tension Rising sheet music?

    Does anyone know where,or even if there is one, i can get the sheet music for Tension Rising and Hallow Bastion for the piano, if there is no such thing for Tension Rising than that sucks but oh well.Thanks for the help ^^:36:
  14. animefreak!

    I heard that they want to make Kingdom Hearts an Anime?

    is it true that they want to make an anime of kingdom hearts? i have heard from a few people that they are since they made the manga and they cannot make a movie due to disney not wanting donald and goofy to be protrayed in a bad way.So i just wanna know if this is just square enix thinking on...