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    And my awesomeness has returned

    I was gone for long enough that I doubt anyone remembers me. But im back. At least for the holidays. Lookin to make new friends and reunite with old ones. and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D Edit: im known on all other forums as ultimate king mickey
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    What do you Think about Xion?

    Honestly. Shes one of my favorite characters from the series. so much mystery
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    The main villain of KH3D?

    It seems as though the story revolves around Xehanort. lol
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    I need help

    Ok. I have this old picture of me from pre school. but it really needs repaired. Is there anybody that could maybe fix it up some for me?
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    How do I change the theme on the forum. Like the background and all that. This whitness is annoying
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    Cocky songs?

    Does anybody know some really cocky songs? I need to find some
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    BBS on Yahoo.

    Yahoo.com Has Kingdom hearts BBS as the top story on its home page. They have it above games like the new Call of Duty. They said its easily one of the most looked forward to games of the year. Major game sequels unveiled, due this year - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games
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    Riku man

    What you guys think. Id say its my best so far
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    Man. Mine was 5. Im a failure
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    First Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep English Trailer

    Ahhh. Hahaha. The annoying kid with ten posts was right. LMAO
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    Um. Who beat him?

    Ok. Then Ill keep it in mind that a lot of ppl in here dont remember things from the world outside there video game. And really. theres no point in this thread being open anymore. Were so off topic
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    Um. Who beat him?

    KH doesnt make the definitions for words. I mean im a fanboy. But anybody willing to take it that far needs to get a life. haha/ So i think this thread is just gonna be argueing now.
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    Um. Who beat him?

    Dictionary.com Type in defeated. The third definition would be on my side. Since your taking away something that is expected. A heart. And there was definately a competition too. Im sure the person fought against it. Even if it was for just a second.
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    Um. Who beat him?

    Well somebody has to have some real problems if they think words only have one meaning.
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    Um. Who beat him?

    They way I see it. Having your heart took from you unwillingly is a loss or a defeat. Even if they dont attack you.
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    Ya. That memory master dude is right. I have no idea why in the world ppl would think its two different people. And who did somebody refer to as Rikunort EDIT: And I believe when they return to human form Terra and MX will seperate. and that both will get there original bodies back. Theyll...
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    Hey, Retards? Yeah, that trailer's real.

    Hey bro. No cheap shots on me. Most of my posts in this thread were sarcasm. The only parts i meant was a lot of ppl being stubborn and me trusting gamestop ^^ yes. Because the site for the game isnt that popular or that big of a deal. While gamestop has a reputation and ppl hired to do it. The...
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    Hey, Retards? Yeah, that trailer's real.

    Ok. So any day of the week id trust gamestop over everybody on this site and the bbs site. Only due to the fact that its a bigger franchise with people trained to look at stuff like this
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    Hey, Retards? Yeah, that trailer's real.

    Man. 6 posts and This kid is roastin yall. Crazy man. All this over the obviously real trailer
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    Hey, Retards? Yeah, that trailer's real.

    His proof is that like every other KH site there is has already said its real except this site that always messes the stuff up. I mean. I like the forum. But 90% of the time the ppl here are wrong and too stubborn to admit it.