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  1. Omni Terra

    Need some help

    First of all thanks for just looking at this thread. Now I need a little help on my homework. For some reason my Bio teacher assumes we need to go over graphs because obviously I'm in high school and I have no idea what a graph is. Sigh, anyway we need to make a Pie Chart on this: Cardinals vs...
  2. Omni Terra

    Red vs Blue

    If you've seen it, discuss. If you haven't, watch it now. For Previous Seasons (Blood Gulch Chronicles) Red vs. Blue · Video Archive · Past Seasons Latest Episode (Relocated 4) Red vs. Blue · Video Archive
  3. Omni Terra

    Lit ► Septimus Heap

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Septimus_Heap_(series) Discuss. Personally I like them. I've only read the first two but still.
  4. Omni Terra


    I had an idea and I wanted to see if anyone thought it was plausible. Now anyone with a hint of knowledge of Greek myths should know that to reach the Underworld you must (other than dying) travel on the river Styx. Styx leads straight into the Underworld. Now in KH2 when traveling to Hades...
  5. Omni Terra

    Lit ► Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

    The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I really like this series. I'd definitely give it a recommendation. So has anyone else read it? The first two books are already out. The third is coming out on May 26. 1: The Alchemyst Already...
  6. Omni Terra

    On to High School

    Well this is my last year ast the only school I've ever known. Anything I should know about High School? Tips would be most welcome.
  7. Omni Terra


    You might not have noticed but a while ago it became my 1st full year at KHI. I'm not nearly as experienced as you vets but still.:thumbsup:I think I've come along nicely.
  8. Omni Terra

    It's just so Obvious

    Ok well we know that in Re:CoM and FM+ there was somewhat of a connection between the two. I mean if you did something in one you got something in the other. But we know that. now I was thinking. Well most uf us know that by putting a GBA game in your DS while your DS game that you're playing...
  9. Omni Terra

    What's that song?

    What is the song that plays during Deep Dive of KH FM? I just can't find it. Links are appreciated.
  10. Omni Terra

    DT's Ultimate Fanclub

    DT's Ultimate Fanclub!!! Yes guys this is the third version of DT's fanclub so lets make this thee best one yet! Friends of DT let us gather and smite the world with our epic fish cannons! Ok so this particular fanclub is for worshiping DT and just making friends. So if you'd like to join just...
  11. Omni Terra

    Last Story

    Sorry if this idea came up before if it did i never saw it. Now anyone who has ever played and beaten a Sonic game will probably know what Last Story is. For those who don't I'll explain. Now usually in a Sonic game when you beat the game it isn't really over. If you go back and find all the...
  12. Omni Terra

    Another Untold Story

    While looking through Kingdom Hearts Another Report I came upon something interesting. Hmm so another game could be coming up after these new three. Not much but with lack of news theres not much to do. Discuss.
  13. Omni Terra

    Crossroads & Kingdom Hearts

    Yet another theory from KHI. CROSSROADS & KINGDOM HEARTS Ok so throughout the games we have seen that it is in fact possible to create a Kingdom Hearts. I was wondering exactly how many Kingdom Hearts there are. Here are the ones we know of. 1: The one in the Dark Abyss/ Dark Realm. This is...
  14. Omni Terra


    *This thread is dedicated to Dawning Twilight* OUR MOTTO: Never trust a cat that doesn't make you lol. Did I hear lolcat why yes yes I did. This is a game to see who can make the best lolcat. INSTRUCTIONS 1: The first 9 posters will post a lolcat. 2: The tenth will rate the best lolcat of...
  15. Omni Terra

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : Ring of Fates

    So what do you guys think about this game. I got it for Easter and I love it! I've beat it but the harder difficulties keep me playing.:thumbup:
  16. Omni Terra

    A quick question about DEBUG

    OK I have some old game on the PS1 and once I founa a cheat called DEBUG mode for it. What exactly is DEBUG? I looked it up on Wikipedia but I still don't understand anything about it.:cursing: Can anyone enlighten me on the subject?
  17. Omni Terra

    Who's Who?

    No this isn't some puzzle. I got a letter saying I was nominated as one of the smart kids in the country. Obviously I'm not the smartest and it looks official. I checked out the website and everything seems fine. They say i can sign up. I would be in this big book with a small biography n stuff...
  18. Omni Terra

    Video game glitches

    Simple thread just tell us a few of the newest glitches that you stumbled upon for yourself. No putting glitches someone else found and you just performed. Ok my latest glitch wason Sly 2. I was just playin the Mega Jump job on the last level for fun. I figured out you could jump on Clock-La. I...
  19. Omni Terra


    Ok I have seen so many strange things happen when someone uses an ArMax but exactly what does it do? Not all that technical stuff but just a good explanation of what it is and does. :idea:
  20. Omni Terra

    A theory

    There has been a lot of theories made and here is mine. At the end of that epic battle we see at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix Terra obviously changes somehow. I believe MX fused with Terra to create the Xehanort we know. So the reason Xemnas says old friend to Aqua's armor was because...