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    And my awesomeness has returned

    I was gone for long enough that I doubt anyone remembers me. But im back. At least for the holidays. Lookin to make new friends and reunite with old ones. and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D Edit: im known on all other forums as ultimate king mickey
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    I need help

    Ok. I have this old picture of me from pre school. but it really needs repaired. Is there anybody that could maybe fix it up some for me?
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    How do I change the theme on the forum. Like the background and all that. This whitness is annoying
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    Cocky songs?

    Does anybody know some really cocky songs? I need to find some
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    BBS on Yahoo.

    Yahoo.com Has Kingdom hearts BBS as the top story on its home page. They have it above games like the new Call of Duty. They said its easily one of the most looked forward to games of the year. Major game sequels unveiled, due this year - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games
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    Riku man

    What you guys think. Id say its my best so far
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    KH Haters

    Hey. Why are there so many people on here that talk bad about kh and say they dont like it. This site is mainly for KH. Hence the name. Theres no point in being here if your just gonna put the game down. Just to try to annoy ppl or start stuff. Im just kinda curious. haha.
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    The True Leaders

    Well. How bad is it?
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    Um. Who beat him?

    How did Terranort get defeated to become a heartless and nobody? Its been a while since I played the games. So i couldve just forgot.
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    KHII FM ruined it.

    Ok. So in the Sora vs Roxas battle in khII fm Sora weilds three keyblades. Ruining the idea that roxas and sora duel weilded because of ven. Because the third one just comes out of nowhere. Which means you must be able to naturaly wield more than one keyblade. Nice way to ruin the concept guys
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    When is this

    Ok. so whens this really cool battle? YouTube - ????? ?????? ????? Terra vs Xemnas?
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    3 Keyblades?

    Ok. So when I had my original copy of KHII. It could have been a glitch or something. But in one of the forms I could weild three keyblades. There were two in his hands and one floating around on his back. Now I have no idea what form it was or anything. and i cant find it anywhere, Did anybody...
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    Cap'n Jack Sparrow

    Cap'n Jack Sparrow Its not the best. lol
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    Muhammad Ali. Whatcha think?

    Um. I guess its ok. What you think?
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    Whats the point?

    Whats the point in this life? You go to school. You get a job. You have a family. and its over. Its empty. theres no point. There has to be a greater good out there somewhere. Something to fight for. Something more important than all these trivial things you here about on tv and stuff. Theres...
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    BBS Zack

    Whos this Zack or Zach guy hercules had to face in bbs?
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    English subs

    Does anybody know where I can find all the birth by sleep cutscenes in order with english subs
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    Does anybody else feel that Roxas really messed with that really sad touching scene when all he could think to say was "Who else will I eat ice cream with?" It annoyed me a little. You can tell hes part sora
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    Roxas and Xion v sora

    Who do you guys like better. RoXas and Xion. or Sora. I prefer Roxas and Xion. Better love story and sora and kairi. And Xion and Roxas are both awesome.
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    Ok. So when RoXas wanted something. Or when Saix or anyone else made fun of him and Xion. Why didnt he use the Keyblade to his advantage. Just tell them. Ya. well without me. You cant collect hearts for your precious kingdom hearts. So i suggest you please me. I mean duh. Common sense.