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    A little question?

    Ok, so I have a laptop, Gateway Model MT6705, running Vista 32 Bit Operating System. Simply put, I AM SICK OF VISTA. So, I have this Operating Disk for XP, thing is , it came with my Dell Desktop. Can I use the CD to install XP on my lappy, or can it harm it in anyway? Help or Advice would be...
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    Uhh wtf? Notification error?

    Ive been having this weird glitch on my profile My notifications say I have a new visitor message, but the problem is ,its never there. I though it would fix itself after a few days but its been 3 days already D: help?
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    PSP themes

    I just got a PSP and I was wondering if anyone knew a good site to get themes for it. I googled a few but I cant get any satisfying results. Thanks in advance...
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    Help o.o

    Well I was encountering problems with windows *vista* before, and I reinstalled windows. After that everything functioned perfectly but a few days later my hard disk starts losing almost 200 MB per hour, as if it were being used up, even though I had'nt touched my computer after reinstalling...
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    Anime/Manga ► Soul Eater

    Yeah this is a new anime, only 3 episodes out in Subs so far, but its rather amusing. Any one here besides me watch it? x3
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    umm whats this?

    I got banned for 10 minutes or so and then unbanned Screen Cap Umm can I be told why this happened? <_<
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    Well Ive finished CoM completely including reverse rebirth now Im trying to gather some diamond dusts and ultima weapons....but I cant seem to find any.. any suggestions? Advise would be greatly appreciated..
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    -The Watchman Fan Club-

    Hey there guys!! I would like to dedicate this Fan Club to one of my dearest friends on these forums! That is The Watchman! Though he may not post alot He is one of my best friends and has helped me in tight spots.Hope you join! If anyone deserves a Fan Club Im sure its him! Members...
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    FFVII DOC Awesome video

    I was on Youtube and found this awesome video of DOC I think its pretty cool YouTube - Dirge Of Cerberus Ending : What I've Done I didnt know where to put this so you can move it if you like
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    Look I was browsing and I found this FF site ok now they have a free arcade and they have FF1-3 and I havent played them I want to but I need to download them But I dont know if the site is reliable if any of you know of the site please post here Heres the sites link: FF-Fan.com - Play NES...
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    Were you.......

    Were you disappointed in KH2 in any way? I was it was to easy and a bunch of button bashing.Though the gameplay was good
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    Linkin Park

    Its one of my favorite bands I love their songs Favorite songs: Numb Breaking the Habit What Ive done In the end Faint Discuss freely PS sorry if a thread already exists I didnt see one so I made one
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    Where are you from??

    Where are you from?Like you know Asia,North America,South America,and Europe.
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    Wierd thing about KH2......

    Well did you notice that Sora never really knew of Roxas...?? And the first time he met him was near the end of the game??And Roxas seemed to know quite alot about Sora.......well Roxas was part of Sora and Sora was never part of Roxas.......isnt that wierd???
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    BBS thought..

    Do you think that we would have a choice to play as Ven Aqua and Terra in which ever ordor we would like??Or do we play in a sequence??Cause Nomura did say we would play as the three characters.Poast your Ideas on BBS gameplay as well
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    Crisis Core

    Hey has anyone seen this? Its pretty cool you cant understand what Zacs saying but..... Any way spoiler warning you have been warned!! Gametrailers.com - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Japanese Intro
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    Which FF Game did you find most difficult?

    Which ff game did you find most difficult to complete 100%? I found FF X the most difficult than FF VII
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    For any one that has the rpg profile:Jote KIKT

    I know that this is in the wrong place but someone by the name of Jote KIKT was in my party and left when a battle was going on now Im stuck in RPG in a battle cause its Jotes turn.please Jote go to the celler and finish off the fight I have been stuck here for more than an hour thanx
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    How do you use RPG I just created a RPG profile and am confused on how to use it help is required THANX
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    The Dark Soldier

    Hey you know what I noticed some thing odd about the DS all because of OneWingHeartless old Sig DS has the same boots that Riku Replica and Org.XIII wear.Thats not all you all have noticed that he wears clothes similiar to Riku Replica.But the problem is that Im starting starting to think that...