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  1. Wallflower3582

    Kingdom Hearts Animated Series?

    I remember hearing about Seth Kearsley pitching a Kingdom Hearts animated series to Disney for a third time a while back before KH3 came out, but I never heard anything about it after. All these original series the company is making now has got me thinking: do you think a KH series on Disney+ is...
  2. Wallflower3582

    Just a thought

  3. Wallflower3582

    Xehanort's Name

    It just occurred to me... What if Xehanort's real name isn't Xehanort or even anything related to it? I know it's an anagram of "No Heart" or maybe even "Another, " plus the letter X, but both of the originals aren't really names, even by KH standards. Maybe he has another name but chose to go...
  4. Wallflower3582

    Which villain would you want to get redemption?

    Which villain from the KH series would you want to earn redemption and go to the good side? I'm not talking who would make sense or has an actual chance of getting it, they can be as illogical as you want, just who would you want to get it? Marluxia? Saix? Master Xehanort? Chernabog? I...
  5. Wallflower3582

    Eraqus Age?

    This might have already been mentioned, but in an interview at TGS Nomura was asked the ages of some characters. In it he said that "Master Xehanort is like 80 or something," which doesn't sound very specific, but if he's serious then that got me thinking. If we are to assume MX is the same age...