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  1. Ballad of Caius

    Spoilers ► From Neo, to the future

    Hello! :) About some days ago, I completed Neo's main campaign. I very much enjoyed it, even though I'm a bit late to the discussion party, seeing as how the game came, like, two months ago, ahahah. I've recently gotten myself into replaying it, defeating the Boss Noise hidden in every Day, and...
  2. Ballad of Caius

    Castlevania Videogame Series

    Owned by Konami Couldn't find a thread, so I made this one. Important: Could be related to the GBA titles we got: Circle of the Moon Harmony of Dissonance Aria of Sorrow (And I think the original NES title was ported to the GBA as well)
  3. Ballad of Caius


    Developer: PlatinumGames Publisher: Nintendo Creator: Hideki Kamiya (Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry) Decided to make a thread since I didn't see one. So the latest news with Bayo 3 is that: ° Kamiya is tired of fans asking about it, LOL (old man yells at sky) ° And Nintendo executives...
  4. Ballad of Caius

    Metroid Franchise

    Couldn't find a thread, so I thought it'd be best to concentrate Metroid and Prime discussion here. METROID Dread October 8th, 2021 Nintendo Switch
  5. Ballad of Caius

    Shin Megami Tensei

    I didn't find an official SMT thread, so I decided to make one. The latest on the news is that SMT V gets a more detailed story and gameplay trailer, plus it comes out November 11. Notes: Press Turn Mechanic is back (from SMTIII) Magatsuhi is back (SMTIII) Stat Growth Demon Negotiation
  6. Ballad of Caius

    Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp

    Release Date: December 3rd, 2021 Publisher: Nintendo Developer: WayForward Technologies, Inc. and Intelligent System/Nintendo (support and advice) If anyone's wondering for references, WayForward were behind DuckTales: Remastered, Shantae, among other works. IT'S HAPPENING!!!! On December 3rd
  7. Ballad of Caius

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Trailer (September 16th, 2020): Press release (September 16th, 2020): What we know: • Only on PS5 • Main character is a prince named Joshua • Prince Joshua can transform (and so can his sword) • Some thing/s called "Mother Crystals" • Medieval setting • Gameplay somewhat similar to FINAL...
  8. Ballad of Caius

    [IDEA]Dissidia Kingdom Hearts

    Premise: As the Guardians of Light and Seekers of Darkness are clashing, Sora notices an unknown person that looks like a Darkling. As Sora chases unto it, the Darkling opens a portal and goes into it, but leaves it open. As Sora approaches it and contemplates it for a bit, a ray of light comes...
  9. Ballad of Caius

    Oddity (formerly MOTHER 4)

    Release Date: When it's ready. lol I remember back when this had a Winter 2014 release. Yep. But all in all, this is looking to be a remarkable spiritual successor to the Mother series.
  10. Ballad of Caius

    The Angel of Death

    I have a theory: Whatever plan the MoM has it could entail Worldline jumping. There's a possibility that the Power of Waking could be used to jump Worldlines. That would explain why he disappeared during KHx and we see him in the Secret Ending, meaning that he could have died. This is where...
  11. Ballad of Caius

    A random thought.

    Luxu was possessing Braig/Xigbar, who has power over Space. It's possible that the Black Box was in some sort of pocket dimension, hidden in plain view all this time, not because of some complicated reason. The question still is: why send literally everyone into a wild goose chase over a Box he...
  12. Ballad of Caius

    The MoM's Origins

    Back in KINGDOM HEARTS III, when Sora is about to face Ansem, Xemnas and Young 'nort, Master Xehanort mentions that he only needs four more keys in order to complete the 13 No Names. That hit me. No Name is the MoM's signature Keyblade. But 13 represents the 13 Seekers of Darkness. 13 fragments...
  13. Ballad of Caius

    Birth by Sleep-Waking

    This is a theory meant to try and examine what the Power of Waking really is. It is my belief that the Power of Waking is the last needed step in order to awaken hearts that have been lost somehow. Either lost by darkness or by the unique scenarios like Ventus' case. The trick to the Power of...
  14. Ballad of Caius

    Rise from Shibuya

    So we know that Sora died by abusing the Power of Waking and he ended up in Shibuya and Yozora is there as well. The particularity of the Yozora character is that he has two different colored eyes. This condition is called "heterochromia", and in some cultures, the person that has this condition...
  15. Ballad of Caius

    The Caribbean, the Box and the future

    I'm replaying KINGDOM HEARTS III and I noticed that the Caribbean pretty much as two things: 1. The first instance of Sora dying (ending up in Davy Jones' Locker) 2. More exposure concerning the Blackbox. The Caribbean ended up being a ramification of the game's main story. With that said, I...
  16. Ballad of Caius

    Future outfits

    Heyooo Do you guys think Sora, Riku and Kairi will get more redesigns like they've been getting for every main entry of the franchise? I think they should stay like they are, and if the players wants variety, they could have the Wardrobe option from 0.2 return and sorta have the player...
  17. Ballad of Caius

    A random thought

    Replaying KINGDOM HEARTS III, I noticed a couple of things: * Xehanort suggests that the Keyblade War was started for some people, in this case, the Lost Masters * He also believes that the future has already been written and looks and makes reference at the All Seeing Eye in No Name It's my...
  18. Ballad of Caius

    What's MX's favorite smiley?

    This one: :X
  19. Ballad of Caius

    From Xehanort, to Foretellers

    Of all the things we got introduced to during the Xehanort Saga, in terms of gameplay, characters, music, whatever, what do you want to be carried on towards the Foretellers Saga? I really like the Organization XIII theme and its other interpretations, and really think it should stick as the...
  20. Ballad of Caius

    The Worst Xehanort

    Hey. I was having a thought about, of all the Xehanorts, which one do you think is the worst? Like, looking back, all of the stuff each of the 'norts did to people, which one do you think was the most evil? In my case, I think Xemnas was the worst. He pretty much tricked an entire group of...