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  1. MegaCore5

    Home theater setup issues... Help!

    Okay so I just bought two speakers for my tv. I have speaker wires but I'm not sure if I need something else attached to the end that is connected to the speaker... Does that make sense? I have pictures of how I set it up. Also I was told that the receiver I bought had a optical outlet... Which...
  2. MegaCore5

    Best Gummi paths

    Does anyone have a specific path they use to hunt down the thrusters? As im getting further into the missions im finding myself without any booster left over because of how many times I have to use it... Last time I had to hunt for 400 gummi after I used my last booster.
  3. MegaCore5

    Chirithii locations?

    Does anyone know where Chirithii is when she gives you the mission destroy the dark balls? I looked all over Dwarf woodlands with no luck :(
  4. MegaCore5

    Most of the worlds are dead...

    One thing that really irritates me is whenever a world that is supposed to have a bunch of people around has only one or two, and those people cannot even be seen besides in cut scenes. For example in DDD the city of de clotches had no one at all at the festival of fools... How can there be a...
  5. MegaCore5

    Which is most tragic?

    Through out the kingdom hearts series we have seen events unfold that are not quite the happiest of tales... But which game do you believe is the most tragic? I think BBS was a very tragic game considering all of the main characters got screwed over at the end.
  6. MegaCore5

    What did you vote for during the survey?

    What did you vote for during the survey that asked what merchandise should be added with the KH 2.5 limited edition? Apparently many just felt happy having a Kingdom hearts pin since that is what much decided on in the end.
  7. MegaCore5

    The original protagonist

    Back when kingdom hearts was still in development there was an issue on who the main character for the series should be. If I recall correctly Disney wanted Donald Duck and Square soft wanted to use Mickey Mouse. But both ideas were tossed when they both came up with sora as the main...
  8. MegaCore5

    KH2 was censored?

    If you've ever heard did you know gaming you should check out his kingdom hearts episode. One of the things that stuck out to me in that video was the fact that KH2 was censored in America on account of several issues. Four instance the hydra battle was supposed to have green blood but instead...
  9. MegaCore5

    Data worlds

    Maleficent seems to go through extreme measures including kidnapping many in order to secure her position in some sort of world. But what is the purpose of having complete control of the Dataworld's. Seems like a frivolous mission to ask me but is there more to it?
  10. MegaCore5

    Sora the seeker of light

    Yen Sid mentions how Xehanort gave up his duties as master so he could live the seekers life. My hypothesis is that there are seekers of light and darkness. Since Sora failed his mark of mastery exam (as a conclusion he is not a master) he might choose to research Kingdom hearts the same way...
  11. MegaCore5

    Why do you play KHX?

    I would like to get into KH chi but am turn off by how its not for america and how it doesn't have anything to do with the story line. But there is a very big community here that supports the game. So tell me. What keeps you guys still playing?
  12. MegaCore5

    Im new guys!

    Hi everyone I'm a big fan of KH. My favorite is Kingdom Hearts DDD! I'd like to try out this site to try my chances at the giveaway going on this week. So thank you everyone for having me.