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  1. cloudzack117

    [SPOILERS] KH3D theory on the new guy

    SO after watching the jump festa trailer i was wondering what incarnation of xehanort that was in the cloak. The obvious answer was that it is young MX from the opening of BBS, though he appears a lot shorter and skinnier than he did in that game. One theory I came up with involves Vanitas's...
  2. cloudzack117

    Utada Hikaru Concert Dec. 8th

    Hikaru Utada Concert to Be Streamed Worldwide - Anime News Network I was just on animenewsnetwork and there was an article(link) on an upcoming Utada Hikaru concert on December 8th in Japan. It is going to be streamed live online so I was just pointing this out. This will also be one of her...
  3. cloudzack117

    recoded e3 trailer - English E3 Trailer YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Re coded E3 Trailer So i was just on kh13 and they uploaded an official version of the E3 english recoded trailer. Not sure if any1 has posted this yet on here though. BTW, the only voice is Jiminy at the beginig. source = thedogonfire on...
  4. cloudzack117

    mysterious figure fight vid

    Im not sure if this has been posted yet so if it has i am srry. credit to leacht35 who uploaded this though he used a life hack to survive
  5. cloudzack117

    BBS Strategy Guide Now Available apparently it came out a few days early. Just search for birth by sleep and the strategy guide pops up with a release date of August 27 EDIT: So I went to borders right after posting this and looked around for about 45 minutes and couldn't find it...
  6. cloudzack117

    NA Voices

    I was just wondering if anyone thinks Ron Perlman would be a good Master Xehanort. I would llike eithar him or James Earl Jones
  7. cloudzack117

    Terra's Keyblade plus neverland info

    Yeah i was looking at the official BBS website on square and i found a screenshot of Terra and Peter Pan and it looks like they are about to fight. This didn't really surprise me because Terra apparently allies himself with the disney villains throughout the game. What I was most...
  8. cloudzack117

    Xehanorts return

    I was wondering and chances are that i am wrong on this one, but in one of the reports it says something that if the nobody is defeated and the corresponding heartless is defeated as well, the original being comes back... I might have misinterpreted this but wouldn't that mean xehanort would be...