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  1. AppleKey

    what type of food do you combine with ?

    the last thing i ate was mac and cheese with hotdogs...may sound crazy but its a good combination ! :3
  2. AppleKey

    What is your PC Specs ?

    So ive been looking around and surprisingly no one has done this yet ! D : unless it was buried deep with old threads and i just missed it XD anyways here are mine XD CPU: I7-8700K CASE: NZXT H500i (smart) MB : MSi H370 RGB RAM: Trident Z RGB 16GB 2666MHZ COOLER : Corsair AIO 280mm RGB Graphics...
  3. AppleKey

    hello there ^^

    hello everyone ! applekey here...dont mind the name might change it later on xD lol anyways i have been playing kingdom hearts since a few months after it came out and i still have the original box all this time ! i have played every game except for the phone version and the mobile phone game...