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  1. Riku_The_Otaku

    Destiny Isles RP (Open/Accepting)

    -Takes place after kh2- Sora, Riku, and Kairi are back on the islands, but they live on their favorite island now. They use a boat to get back to the main island if they need to. After defeating Xemnas, the group returned home to meet with King Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Kairi. Shortly after...
  2. Riku_The_Otaku

    My Art

    I just decided to learn to draw yesterday so I'm going to be posting my amateur art here. First is Roxas.
  3. Riku_The_Otaku

    KH Cosplay (Don't really know where this goes)

    Just wondering if any members have cosplayed as kingdom hearts characters before and if so, could you post a picture?
  4. Riku_The_Otaku

    Guess I'll post a "Hello" thread

    Hi. I've played kh and kh II since i was little, but never joined the fandom until now. If you can't tell, my favorite character is Riku. Excited to meet y'all.
  5. Riku_The_Otaku

    Destiny Isles RP

    I want to start a roleplay of either the kh gang or oc's living in the destiny Isles.. Would anyone join?
  6. Riku_The_Otaku

    Dallas A-kon 2014

    Is anyone planning to attend?