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  1. bigbadcloud

    Making a KH game

    I'm making a kh game of my own it takes place before kh BBS I call it kh before the darkness . I have most of the game completed but I'm still having trouble with the world maps in game downloads the storylineI still need to work on the world maps.Dynamis and uh Keyblade weapons on starting...
  2. bigbadcloud

    Brandy games 3D guide book!

    I was lookin around amazon .com and game stop to look for my extra copy of 3D and i noticed that they both had a releses date for the Guide book its really big its priced at $19.95.
  3. bigbadcloud

    Xemnas' ....

    Basicly the whole deal is YX was in the inbetween path way when he time traviled he first when to BBS time fight terra ven , or aqua! Then jumped ship to KH1 Or right befor KH1 to pick up ansem and xemnas told ansem to travel back in time to him anesm then tavel for ward in time to were he ment...
  4. bigbadcloud

    Need help finding a restiction guide!

    Ok so far i have beaten kh2 FM+ at lvl 1 took me over 8 hours but i finaly did it i am now moving on to my next game challange KH Re:com i looked al over the net i cant seem to find any guide for a low lvl run or even a restion guide i want a good challange for the game like how kh2 lvl 1 run...
  5. bigbadcloud

    Synthsis Help Kh1 Final mix

    ok im haveing truble finding a true systhese guide for the final mix i have a traslation one but there is no guide to tell me what to get for what item and were its located i just got the game on monday and i got every thing expect the sythese stuff and beating sephiorth and im some how missing...
  6. bigbadcloud

    Symbol on rikus back

    ok i know you all know this and stuff That the Spirit Symbol is located on the back of rikus outfit but there is non on sora's does that mean that's riku's symbol or is there more meaning behind the spirit symbol then what we know im thinking mabe it has some tie with vanitas on how he was able...
  7. bigbadcloud

    Ansem SoD Can Duel Weld?

    Ok for some reason i cant post this in the Kh1 discussion aera something that says Via bulitn borad and a pic with a black dude with bulging eyes keeps poping up...... Ok on that note lets get to my Thread. I have been playing thu all of the kh game all but kh 1 final mix witch i...
  8. bigbadcloud

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

    ok now they have done it they mixed DBZ with yugioh i was loling all night last night when i found this vid of the new show this kid Yuma has a scouter YouTube - Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
  9. bigbadcloud


    guys is rythum mixer just to over opwer to be unlocked at the begaing of the game becuse as terra i pwned ever boss with it even the final boss of terras i was like WTF happen? i did the same to vens boss i was like lol also to get it working all it takes is you to be in a comade style first...
  10. bigbadcloud


    so who as already orded FINAL MIX i have it preordered /backored on play asia so im geting it in the next few days lol
  11. bigbadcloud

    I know who the Mysterious Figure really is!!!

    In the Nomura interview that i have seen talks about MF what i translated into that MF is believed to be a Nobody. So who's Nobody is he well if you look at the way that i did you see in the interview he stated that this fight is cannon so it takes place right after LOD was destroyed by Master X...
  12. bigbadcloud


    i wish they would have put tron world in bbs it would be cool to see a terra tron
  13. bigbadcloud

    KH:bbs challange quest

    OK guys i'm so bored with bbs i need a challange so any helps on making this game harder i do use d links because they are so useless . i do heal once in awhile so any thing to make this game harder will help me a lot i mean on proud mode is to easy i know a few stuff in jap but i mess around...