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  1. Rain

    Small thing

    Clans don't exist anymore. Only squads.
  2. Rain

    So I just got a PS3

    I just got my PS3 last night wewt. I have: Resistance 2 Uncharted Dynasty Warriors 6 Pain Any recommendations for what games I should or should not get?
  3. Rain

    Hip Hop Artist:Drake

    DRAKE -This artists name is Drake. -He is an actor turned rapper/singer. -He is currently working with artists like Lil Wayne and Cash Money Millionaires and is dropping a new album soon. -He's probably not who you think he is either. He does have a nice list of songs too.My favorites include...
  4. Rain

    Samurai Warriors:The Unification of Japan[OOC & Sign-Ups)

    Samurai Warriors:The Unification of Japan Time Period: 1500 A.D Location: Okehazama Plot: The year 1500 has finally come.All of Japan is scattered about.There are different clans and ruling families,there are many cities under control by one clan.The Oda Clan.Led by none ofther than the...
  5. Rain

    Handhelds vs. Flip Phones

    Which do you have?Which would prefer?Would you prefer a handheld like a Sidekick or a Flip Phone like a Boost Mobile i450?
  6. Rain

    Velvet Revolver

    I have only recently started to listen to these guys but they are pretty good. Does anyone else listen to them?
  7. Rain

    Studying.Which method do you use?

    Which method of studying do you use before a test?Are you the type of person who studies everyday?Or are you the type of person who crams in studying the night before?Or are you the person who doesn't study at all?
  8. Rain

    Prison Inmate escapes Metal Gear Solid Style

    "In true gamer fashion a Turkish man has escaped from a German prison Solid Snake style by making use of a cardboard box. The man hid in the box at the end of a shift of his prison job of making stationery and was carried out by a courier service along with other boxes. The inmate then cut...
  9. Rain

    Kids WB Snow Jam Commercials

    I was going through my old youtube account favorites and I had these videos favorited.Remember these old Kids WB promos during the late 90's?Lou Bega sang the song. Snow Jam Commercial #1 Snow Jam Commercial #2 Snow Jam Commercial #3 Snow Jam Commercial #5 Snow Jam Commercial #6
  10. Rain

    Diddy Kong Racing vs.Diddy Kong Racing DS

    After playing both of these games,I have decided to ask all of you which one would you rather play?They are the same but there are slight differences which make them different to me IMO.
  11. Rain

    Hard Candy vs. Soft Candy

    Which would you prefer?Hard Candies like Jaw Breakers and Peppermints or Soft Candies like Starbursts and Gummi Bears?
  12. Rain

    Fenrir Keyblade

    Is the Fenrir Keyblade worth getting?Is it a good keyblade to use in the game to beat the nobodies and the rest of the bosses with?
  13. Rain

    Is it possible to get to a high level on Destiny Islands?

    I have gotten to level 10 on Destiny Islands by fighting with Tidus Wakka and Selphie but it took a while to do it.Is it possible to get to 20+ on Destiny Islands or is there a level where you stop recieving exp?.
  14. Rain

    Fire Emblem:The Darkness has returned[Sign-Ups and OOC]

    Fire Emblem:The Darkness has returned[Sign-Ups and OOC] A year after the final battle was over with the Fire Dragons and everyone parted ways,Eliwood and Hector had finally became the Marquess' of Pherae and Ostia.They had no trouble on their hands and had shown greatness in their abilities to...
  15. Rain

    Hip Hop......Does it influence Violence?

    Do you think Hip Hop influences violence in Teenagers?
  16. Rain

    Two full years on this wonderful site

    Wow.....Time really does fly.Its my 2nd year here on KHInsider.I've never been on a site for this long and this site is oneof my favorite sites to go to on the internet.
  17. Rain

    Megaman Series Discussion Thread

    This is the Megaman thread.Has anyone ever played any of the games?
  18. Rain

    Jump Superstars/Jump Ultimate Stars

    Has anyone ever played any of these games?
  19. Rain

    Official: Fire Emblem Thread

    This thread is for any discussions or comments people have about the Fire Emblem Series
  20. Rain

    Air Gear:Kazu Mikura VS Ikki Minami

    who is the better fighter?