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  1. kiante

    Birth by Sleep

    So, I've beaten the game and seen all the scenes, including Blank Points, but I'm not realizing something. I'm not sure what the name means. In interviews Nomura said how we wouldn't understand the meaning until playing through all three characters stories and stuff. I still don't get it though...
  2. kiante

    New Theory about Nomura (BBS Spoilers at least)

    So, new theory about how Nomura designs the KH overarching story; he read KHInsider! Or rather, he gets someone to translate it, then reads it. How many people had a theory about Terra somehow being the new Xehanort? How many people had knew who Roxas was going to be before KH2 or even CoM? How...
  3. kiante

    Why Ven looks strikingly like Roxas (minitheory)

    Well, I just re-read Audo's wonderful sticky about what we know about BBS so far. I noticed some things I hadn't seen about the Unbirths (for one, that that was a mistranslation and it's actually Unversed). They are wild creatures by Nomura's own admission, and apparantly are born from the evil...
  4. kiante

    Evil rumor about Axel

    So, I heard that it is revealed in Days that Axel's former name was Lea. Is that true?! I mean, what about Ale?! Must I kill Nomura? Or is this just a nasty rumor?
  5. kiante


    This seems to be an important line, it also seems likely (to me) that it's how an Unbirth is created. But, how do you erase someone? I think maybe it has to do with time manipulation perhaps. You make someone de-age (if that made up word makes sense) until they not only are not born, but...
  6. kiante


    I noticed something when I was finishing a playthrough of KH1 the other day. When Cid is giving you the navi-gummi for the alternate route to Hollow Bastion, he mentions that he came to Traverse Town 9 years ago. Nomura said that BBS is supposed to be about 10 years before KH1. So, what is the...
  7. kiante

    Yen Sid's Tower/Sunset Horizon Theory

    Okay guys, this is gonna get a lot of flaming probably, but I noticed something interesting last night. I'd started a new KH2 game, and I had gotten to Yen Sid's Tower. If you'll remember, it's on a big hill kind of. Behind you, when you get of the train, you see something interesting. I don't...
  8. kiante

    Destiny Wars RP

    Hello all! I'm advertising here actually, for an RP. It's title, is Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Wars. I actually got permission from the admin (Muffinman is it? Something like that). I promise. Destiny Wars RP It's on a forum I made specifically for that purpose. It has room for an unlimited...
  9. kiante

    GameFAQs' Character Battle

    Hewy everyone. I don't know if anyone here follows the GameFAQs character battle, but it's a popularity contest on GameFAQs. Today, Sora is up for votes, so PLEASE go vote for him. Support the KH!
  10. kiante

    A Theory about the history of the KH universe and the Keyblades

    Okay, here's a theory I came up with about the history of the KH worlds and the Keyblades. I came up with it to go in an RP of mine on another site (Gaia if you must know), so it's in the form of an RP post. Most, if not all of it, is Sora talking. I think it's really plausible. Of course, no...
  11. kiante

    BBS and Organization XIII

    I was just thinking, is it possible that we could see who the Organization members were BEFORE they became Nobodys, in BBS? I mean, it takes place long enough before, that some would be children (Demyx, Larxene most likey), but some of the others would be older (Xigbar, Xemnas) and some would be...
  12. kiante

    Riku's Shadow?

    Look at this pic: The second shadow (the one furthest on the right) it looks JUST like Riku, doesn't it? What do you guys think? And if it IS, then what does that mean?
  13. kiante

    Org XIII

    Hey, I just thought of something, it was called Organization XIII because when it was originally made it had 13 members, right? But it had already been made when Roxas joined. So....are there others that, shall we say, quit? Or am I missing something?
  14. kiante

    I'm a newb!

    What's Up!