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  1. StVen

    Kingdom Hearts II Formation Arts -Vol.2-

    I am assuming the store is legit? :D What does it mean when it says 1 Box 6 pcs? There's only 5 figures? I want to get them all >.<
  2. StVen

    [SPOILERS] About YMX from KH 3D and BBS

    He may look younger, but when you see it at some point, he's somewhat the same height as YMX in BBS. I know that this might not be related to this but, I've been researching about the Black Coat and found this: What I mean is that, during the time when they're creating a model of YMX in...
  3. StVen

    3D to Appear in Next Week's Famitsu!

    Great news! Hopefully it will be something to be excited about. :)
  4. StVen

    Kingdom Hearts 3D @ Jump Festa 2012!

    This. It would be nice, and hopefully a full demo video i.e full gameplay and not toaster videos. >.<
  5. StVen

    Kingdom Hearts 3D @ Jump Festa 2012!

    Awesome awesome. It is after our HESI exam! :) If ever I dont pass it, then I got KH3D to cheer me up lol
  6. StVen

    KH: Re:Coded - Help

    Did you got all 100 floors by leaving DS? I tried this but then it stopped at about 50 balloons/avatars, I never got anything past that. So I had to use my Wii. I left my DS close-lid and I still get balloons. However, like I said, it stopped popping at ~50. I don't know if this is because I...
  7. StVen

    KH3D footage shown at October 21 event

    The last scene was so cute!! *snuggle* >:P I can't really wait.. One thing I wanted to see in the end of KH3D is the fact that perhaps, it will show some bits and pieces of what will happen in KH3 that is what I am really excited about :D
  8. StVen

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Re: Hooray for the HD release...or not. I am sure it'll be in english too.. There are fans living in US too you know :P
  9. StVen

    KH3D's Battle System?

    I think there will be like a battle between dream eaters too?
  10. StVen

    Birth by Sleep trailer on GT's top 100 trailers!

    I never watched KH BBS trailer before. This remind me to watch it but then I was like o.0. Super spoilers rofl.
  11. StVen

    3D final boss/test

    I really wanted this to happen. I wanted to see Dark Sora in action. 'Dark' is my favorite attribute/element.
  12. StVen

    3D final boss/test

    I want Sora vs. Riku, but this time, Riku's gonna win! :P
  13. StVen

    Some help with the final three keyblades and avatar stuff

    In the last post of this thread, I did elaborate how to get 100 floors and dalmatians. If you're going for 100% completion. :)
  14. StVen

    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    Re: TGS Trailer officially released! do you guys think they'll show the extended version of the trailer?
  15. StVen

    New Gameplay Footage - Notre Dame World & Mini-Boss Fight

    Is anyone here subscribed to gamespot and has the HD version of the video? :p
  16. StVen

    New Gameplay Footage - Notre Dame World & Mini-Boss Fight

    The guys sucks lol :) It's pretty cool and smooth!! I really love it. Thanks very much! This certainly satisfies my hunger for KH3D! Now we want Sora!! :x
  17. StVen

    KH3D keyart featuring Sora and Riku (clearer art now!)

    Re: KH3D keyart featuring Sora and Riku The site is crashing down a bit on me lolz probably donald and goofy magically transformed in those two? or is it Zubat and Dewgong? KH meet pokemon? Just in time!! xD Love the outfits, I think Riku is more mature looking and so to Sora by a bit.. or are...
  18. StVen

    Another characters? photos inside

    Well, I did edit the printscreened at full screen to my best of ability this is what i can tell: Notice, the eyes and the color of the panda-like creature. I'm 80% sure that the one above Sora is that thing lolz Also, if it is an enemy, would it look at Sora and follow him and attack him...
  19. StVen

    Another characters? photos inside

    To me honestly, they don't look like Donald and Goofy at all. Seems like an enemy that befriends Sora. lol :D
  20. StVen

    N3DS Conference KH3D Analysis

    Just to answer your question, I used Snipping Tool to get it from Youtube then upload it to imageshack. :D I am really excited for real footage/gameplay to come out and new trailer? Damn, my weekend is gonna be awesome :)