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    Oh, How Unfortunate (Chapter 7)

    So, out of pure boredom, I felt like starting a story. :/ I don't expect any of you to think it's good. I don't even think it's that great. Also, you'll learn the main character's name in due time. And the actual plot of the story. There's more than this. Much more. I've got it all in my head...
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    Visual Kei Bands

    So, recently, I've gotten into a few Visual Kei bands. I need moar! D: All I've got right now is, The GazettE Girugamesh D'espairsRay Alice Nine (I JUST found them) So, basically, I want to hear about any Visual Kei bands you know, and post a link to one or two of their songs.
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    So, I've been on these forums since, like, two days ago, having 60 posts under my belt, and all that time... I had forgotten to make an intro thread! So here is my formal introduction. The name's Abbot, and yeah, I love Kingdom Hearts. This is probably the only forums I've actually been...